Charlotte Flair reacts to heartwarming BTS photo of a pregnant and glowing Alexa Bliss



A heavily pregnant Alexa Bliss shared a BTS photo and Charlotte Flair had the most heartwarming reaction 

Alexa Bliss hasn’t wrestled for quite a while, and it is for good reason. Lexi, which is one of her nicknames, is expecting her first child with her husband, Ryan Cabrera.

The musician and Bliss posted the news about expecting their first child, and the couple could not be more excited.

Bliss and Cabrera have posted quite a few times during these months as they expect the child in December. 

The WWE star has also been showing off her baby bump’s growth over the past few months, and the latest photo garnered a lot of attention.

Bliss looked stunning and was glowing in a BTS photoshoot which saw a lot of replies coming in on Twitter.

One of them was of Charlotte Flair, a WWE legend, and she had the perfect reaction to the photo.

Alexa Bliss also added in the caption that more photos would be made available and she was excited for the photoshoot. 

All you need to know about Alexa Bliss’ pregnancy 

Alexa Bliss and Ryan Cabrera got married in April 2022 after getting engaged in 2020.

The pair confirmed that their child was on the way in May 2023, and they event spoke about the timing of it all.

Alexa Bliss and her husband Ryan Cabrera
Alexa Bliss with her husband Ryan Cabrera confirm when they are expecting their child (Alexa Bliss Twitter)

Normally, WWE stars might wait a bit before deciding to have a child because they have a busy work schedule. However, Bliss and Cabrera didn’t think about all this and spoke about their family planning to E News:

“What we figured out after was, like, there’s never the ‘perfect’ time,” Ryan said. “It would always be like, you know, ‘This is in the way, this is in the way.’ But what if we miss this?”

The happily married couple also posted the gender reveal of their baby, and the pair will be the proud couple of a baby girl.

The couple also shared what they will be calling their child. Bliss and Cabrera picked the name Hendrix Rouge Cabrera.

Bliss isn’t the first WWE star to have taken time off from her schedule to start a family.

Becky Lynch is one recent example. The Man took time off and she also gave birth to a baby girl, but she is back in WWE and already has risen to the top.

Bliss might have had some ups and downs during the last few years with her character in WWE, but there is no about she will come back stronger than ever after her bundle of joy comes to the world. 

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