Charles Leclerc crashes Niki Lauda’s legendary Ferrari at Monaco during demo drive


Charles Leclerc’s misfortunes in his hometown seemed to have hit a new low on Sunday after the F1 driver crashed an iconic Ferrari, which was once driven by Niki Lauda.

Formula 1 driver Charles Leclerc was having a fabulous time on Sunday while driving a classic Ferrari car on the Moncao race track until disaster struck. The Monegasque was preparing for the Monaco Historic Grand Prix, where he was on a demonstration run in the 1974 Ferrari 312 B3 which the late, great three-time World Champion Lauda had driven at that time.

charles leclerc ferrari 312 b3
Image Credits – Autosport

Leclerc appeared to be enjoying himself behind the wheel of the legendary car and was in full control until he was nearing the end of his demon run. Leclerc picked up some of the dust that was on the track from a previous incident and lost the rear end of the car on the Apex of La Rascasse.

The car then spun and hit the barriers. And while Leclerc got out of the car without any damage, the rear of the Ferrari seemed to take quite a hit. Although the damage appeared to be moderate, it will not be cheap to repair the iconic car, which is now nearly 50 years old.

It was another curse at Monaco for Leclerc, who can’t seem to get any rub of the green in his native. The Ferrari driver has had a few torrid outings in Formula 1 in his hometown and this just added to the misfortune.

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