Despite the fact that the World Cup will remain the main football event of the coming weeks, interest in European cup matches does not subside. Of course, the Champions League attracts the most attention. The group stage of the current Champions League draw is almost over.

Today it is already possible to sum up the first results, see which of the favorites confirmed this status, and who left the tournament ahead of schedule.

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It’s time to adjust the forecasts

It should be noted right away that our summer forecasts, in general, turned out to be correct. The five contenders for the main European trophy have not experienced significant changes. Recall who the bookmakers saw as the main contenders for the title, on the eve of the first matches of the group round:

  • Manchester city
  • PSG
  • Liverpool
  • Bayern Munich
  • Real

In the summer, bookmakers predicted the likely winner of the Champions League in that order. All the favorites confirmed their status and advanced to the playoffs of the Champions League.

Let’s see if the predictions have undergone a significant change and who, according to the bookmakers, is the most likely contender for the title.Manchester City: another attempt by Guardiola

The Citizens scored 11 points in the first five matches and a round before the end of the group stage they practically secured the first place in group G. The team shows a confident game both in the group stage and in the national championship. Note the high performance of the “citizens”.

11 goals have been scored in five group stage matches, while in the Premier League City have scored more than three goals per match. To a greater extent, this is due to the arrival of the Norwegian Erling Holland, who immediately became the team’s top scorer, scoring an average of 1.5 goals per game. City remains the main contender for the title: the odds are 1 to 3.4.

PSG – still without the main trophy

One of the most famous and richest clubs in Europe has never won the Champions League. Highest Tournament Achievement: 2020 Finals. And this is despite the huge money invested in the club’s infrastructure and the purchase of players.

The team went through the group tournament without failures, having secured access to the playoffs in advance. In the national championship, the Parisians are leading by a very solid margin. Only they themselves, or rather their psychological instability, can prevent the “red-blues” from winning the current Champions League. Bookmakers estimate PSG’s chances of winning the title at odds of 1 to 5.

Bavaria: the steady progress of the German machine

Munich won the first five out of five matches with 16 goals scored and 2 goals conceded. It seems that no one can stop the German car in the Champions League. However, the uncertain start in the Bundesliga shows that the team still has problems.

Whether Bayern manage to find team stability depends on their chances for a major title. Odds for winning the Champions League 1 to 6.

Liverpool: bad start

The Merseysiders lost the first match of the group stage to Napoli devastatingly (1: 4), but then managed to rectify the situation and advance to the playoffs ahead of schedule.

The start in the national championship also cannot be called successful. That is why Liverpool moved to fourth place in our rankings. The chances of winning are 1 to 7.5.

Real Madrid: leaders are not getting younger

Bookmakers again have little faith in the victory of Real Madrid (the odds are 1 to 9.5), although the “creamy” have proven it more than once. that can solve the most complex problems. Madrid easily left the group, but it will be more difficult.

The rivals in the fight for the title are very strong, and the leaders of Madrid are not getting younger and are increasingly failing important matches. However, Ancelotti also got out of more difficult situations.


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