Can You Survive the VOID? New RimWorld Anomaly Cultists Will Test Your Colony!



What’s RimWorld Anomaly Cultists? Is the new expansion horror-themed? Find out everything about RimWorld Anomaly expansion date, rituals and new changes to the game.

RimWorld is a construction and management simulation game. The story takes place in the future world where humans travel slowly. Players will be stranded on a planet and have to find ways to escape from the place. Once you reach the colony, more players will make their mark. The stories travel based on the happenings in star systems and planets.

The entire galaxy has to utilize technologies to overcome wars and diseases. RimWorld is a narrative adventure based on AI stories and other unique in-game mechanics. You can travel through forests, deserts, and tundra to defeat enemies and craft resources. The new horror themed expansion is live and here’s everything about RimWorld Anomaly Cultists expansion.

RimWorld Anomaly Cultists Expansion – All You Need to Know


RimWorld Anomaly expansion along with the next patch update will be launched from April 11, 2024. The horror-themed expansion features all monstrous and mysterious elements to the game. Anomaly expansion embarks once a colonist triggers a superintelligence. RimWorld Anomaly expansion will have monstrous features and there will be lots of twisted scenarios as well.

Just like the ideology expansion, this expansion will have all types of rituals. The rituals in Anomaly will focus on psychic powers and laws of physics. Colonists and Cult will try to perform rituals to destroy your heroes. Cultists will chant in dark tones and their hate chanters will be higher.

RimWorld Anomaly Cultists – Rituals & More 

RimWorld Anomaly Cultists

Whenever a ritual circle is formed, your colonists will be abducted and teleported to a mysterious world. The entire colony will be surrounded by colonists when rituals are performed. With a ritual spot, you can perform a ritual along with your allies.

At night, an invisible hunter will roam and try to hunt human souls. Players can use a proximity alarm to detect them. Flesh creatures will occupy the lands with beasts and acid. The gameplay in RimWorld Anomaly expansion will be more challenging. In the Anomaly world, colonists will be more obsessed with beautiful golden cubes. They will also build cube statues and worship them regularly. More horrifying events will unfold in the colony especially at night.

Players can use regular weapons and other powerful tools like hellcat rifles, grenade launchers and flamethrowers. Destroying the monolith’s manifestation is only possible by exploiting their powers. Weapons will be buffed and monsters will be more stronger. With a grand containment facility, players can trap monsters and research them.

RimWorld Anomaly Cultists will be a different experience. With new features and mechanics, the horror themed expansion is sure to be an intriguing experience. RimWorld Anomaly new content and gameplay preview will be available officially in the upcoming days.


Is RimWorld a Good Game?

Yes, RimWorld is a sci-fi colony sim game that takes place in a distant world in a mysterious colony. The game is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, Linux and macOS.

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