Call of Dragons Factions Explained – Best Faction for Beginners


Call of Dragons is an open-world fantasy MMo created in collaboration with Farlight as well as Legou Games. At the beginning of the game, players are required to select one of the factions that will govern their kingdom. The choice of the best faction will have a major impact on the speed at which a player progresses and how powerful their army will be during the battle. There are three options for players: Springwardens, League of Order and Wilderburg. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses and will help different kinds of players.

Call of Dragons Tier List
Call of Dragons Factions Explained - Best Faction for Beginners 2

Faction is a collection of players who share the same beliefs in Call of Dragons and get advantages like overall gathering speed, bonus attack and unit type bonuses, healing speed, and much more. Based on the faction selected players will get a hero at the start of their journey, as well as some special units.

There are various factors to consider when choosing an organization, for instance, the amount of resources required for building and upgrading units. But the most crucial element is the hero that starts off. Picking a faction that has an individual who is able to perform well, in the beginning, will make it simpler for players to level up and expand their kingdom more quickly.

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The most suitable hero for players who are new to Call of Dragons is Waldyr the hero who comes as part of the League of Order faction. He has strong damage to PVP and PvE and can take on all kinds of enemies that are within the game. In addition, The League of Order faction also gives a 5% boost to the overall speed of gathering as well as Workhorses that let players cultivate more effectively. Check out our complete hero tier list guide for Call of Dragons Tier List.

Another excellent option for brand-new players to Call of Dragons is the Springwardens faction. They give the player a boost of 33% in Legion Magic Defense and 10 per cent speed of gathering and 10% gathering speed, both of which are great for the early game. They also come with a starter hero, Gwanwyn. This is a skilled marksman and can inflict a great deal of damage.

The Wilderburg faction is an excellent option for players who wish to be focused on combat at the beginning of the game. There is a hero called Barkhar who is an excellent ranged and melee damage and also the Longleaf Treants which can collect and upgrade units rapidly. However, they are not recommended for those who want to farm. Wilderburg faction is not a good choice for players who prefer to concentrate on farming since their units are not able to take on many of the enemy units that are within the game. In the end, choosing the faction of Call of Dragons will come to the player’s own personal game style and preference. Three options are great, but picking the best one will allow you to progress faster and establish a stronger kingdom.