By what name was NXT Star Sanga previously known in the WWE?


Sanga has been recently introduced to NXT storylines as the bodyguard of Grayson Waller, but what was his last name in WWE

WWE NXT 2.0 saw Sanga aligning with Grayson Waller as his new bodyguard and also helped him defeat Dexter Lumis. Last month Waller did a backstage promo where he revealed “Sanga” as the new character name.

Sanga was previously known as “Saurav Gurjar” in WWE. Waller even tested that LA Knight will have to wrestle Sanga on the February 8 episode of NXT 2.0, which he did, but the big man was defeated by high-flying LA Knight.

LA KNight
LA Knight defeated The Big Man Sagna on WWE NXT 2.0 (WWE)

Waller introduced him to NXT and said that he was one of the biggest stars of Bollywood. He also referenced a new storyline for Sanga.

“LA Knight, you thought you had me dead to rights,” Waller said. “Dexter Lumis doing your dirty work, but nah… you thought it was going to be the end for Grayson Waller, but instead my star is shining brighter than ever, and now the Grayson Waller Effect has gone global, baby! I’ve got the big man here – one of the biggest stars in Bollywood, people admire him, and now he’s my Secret Service, protecting the hottest commodity in NXT 2.0.

Sanga was previously known as “Saurav Gurjar” in WWE

The big man previously worked with the Indus Sher tag team in NXT. He even teamed with Veer Mahaan at NXT Live events in September 2018, while being managed by Robert Stone and Malcolm Bivens at times. 

Sanga was signed by WWE in 2018 (WWE)

Sanga and Veer debuted on NXT TV when they attacked Riddle in March 2020, but the stable was later disbanded, and Veer was brought to the main roster. However, they later teamed with Drew McIntyre for a six-man win over Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers at WWE Superstar Spectacle in January 2021.

The Indian Superstar is an actor and National Kickboxing Gold Medalist in India who signed with WWE in January 2018. However, he actually returned to action at WWE 205 Live tapings, held on January 11 in a match against Odyssey Jones.

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