Bully Scholarship Edition Discounted on Steam – Rockstar’s Cult Classic Bully Now Just $5 on Steam!


Bully Scholarship Edition is now on sale, and it is the best time to get this game for people who have never experienced it.

Bully scholarship edition is one of those games that people overlook but is a cult classic amongst gamers. It might be one of the best games released by Rockstar but overlooked because of the popularity of the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

It might seem like another Grand Theft Auto game set in the universe of a high school, but Bully is its own game with elements taken from open-world games and an excellent setting that was never explored in the world of video gaming.

Bully Scholarship Edition
Bully Scholarship Edition Cover

Bully Scholarship Edition- The Plot

Have you ever imagined going to high school and living your wildest fantasies? Getting the girl you want or acing the tests? Being a great athlete while being a social butterfly? Just keep imagining them as Bully Scholarship Edition makes sure that you are none of these things.

The game revolves around a mischievous child who is put into a school called Bosworth Academy. He’s then tasked to do various things around the school such as passing glasses doing mischievous activities and earning a reputation.

As far as we remember no high school based game explores the life of an American high school as much as Bully did. The pranks you play on the people you may be friends with are some of the best and most memorable moments of this game.

Bully Scholarship Edition Gameplay

The initial version of Bully was released back in 2006 under the game Great Trees by reviewers and gamers alike. Some people say that this is a carbon copy of the Grand Theft Auto franchise just in the setting of a high school. Rest assured this is not the case at all, as as much as Rockstar flavor is seen in the game it is definitely not a Grand Theft Auto game.

The gameplay focuses on attending classes, sleeping on time, and making sure you don’t be notorious around the school. You will be rewarded accordingly depending on your gameplay and your social status is also affected by the tasks you do for people around you.

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Bully Scholarship Edition Art

The repackaged version of Bully namely Bully scholarship edition was released in 2008 and is considered a slight remaster of its predecessor and it was released for other platforms too.

The gameplay has been refined the additional missions have been added some two weeks have been applied and also the dialogue options have been increased for a lot of characters. Special mention to the soundtrack which was below par in the original version and it has been fine-tuned in the Bully scholarship edition.

The Verdict

The biggest question right now might be whether is it worth buying Bully scholarship edition when it’s on sale.

The definite answer is yes this is one of those games that Rockstar has crafted from scratch, and it shows that the developers put a lot of effort into it just to make sure that this is not another GTA ripoff game.

A lot of gamers had enough memories of this game to see that this game should be recognized by a lot more people and not swept under the radar of Grant Theft Auto.

Bully SE Screenshots 14
Bully Scholarship Edition Screenshot

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How long is the Bully sale for?

The sale ends on April 8th

What Genre is Bully Scholarship edition?

Bully Scholarship edition is an open world action adventure game.

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