Bryce Mitchell has volunteered to step in as a replacement should the main event clash between Volkanovski and Korean Zombie fall apart

Fresh off his dominant victory against Edson Barboza, UFC featherweight Bryce Mitchell wants to ride the momentum and step in as a replacement for the UFC 273 main event if needed.

Bryce Mitchell UFC record
Bryce Mitchell

UFC 273 will take place on April 9th, with a featherweight fight between Alexander Volkanovski and Korean Zombie set to headline the event. ‘Thug Nasty’ grabbed eyeballs at UFC 272, when he dominated Edson Barboza. Although a lot of experts gave Mitchell the edge on the ground, he surprised everyone with his striking, and even managed to drop Barboza.

He has since thrown his name in the hat, as a potential replacement should an injury jeopardize the main event. He said, ‘If Volkanovski or Zombie backs out – call me @ufc

A matchup between either fighters would propel Mitchell’s career substantially.

Bryce Mitchell daringly alleges Joe Biden’s family of “profiting off the downfall” of America

Bryce Mitchell is not the one to be silenced when it comes to speaking about political agendas and the plight of the nation. Making an appearance on Fox News, the UFC featherweight blasted liberal elites and Biden’s agenda.

Bryce accused the US head-of-state, as well as Biden’s family and political allies of profiting off the war between Russia and Ukraine. He said:

“I don’t exactly know what their agenda is with the whole war on Russia, but I do know that all that money that’s going to the Biden family through Hunter Biden… He’s doesn’t have the merit for that position he’s got over there. They’ve used our tax dollars to bribe him a job. If you and me did what Nancy Pelosi did and got millions in stocks, we’d go to prison for insider trading but she does it and she’s filthy rich.”

He also said that the government does not have the best interest of the people in their minds, “So their families are getting very greatly compensated while they’re taxing us to death. Inflation is higher than ever. They closed down all of our pipelines and wonder why the price of oil has gone through the roof. These people are destroying our country because they are profiting off the downfall of our country.”

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