Nate Diaz Vows to Keep Boxing Despite Defeat to Jake Paul – UFC Legend’s List of Opponents Grows!


Nate Diaz Vows to Keep Boxing Despite Defeat to Jake Paul – UFC Legend’s List of Opponents Grows!

Nate Diaz remains undeterred despite his defeat to Jake Paul in his professional boxing debut. The UFC legend has asserted that he will continue his boxing career, eager to take on a list of potential opponents inside the squared circle.

Nate Diaz
Nate Diaz

Saturday’s ten-round bout marked Diaz’s first venture outside the UFC since his victory in The Ultimate Fighter back in 2007. While the 38-year-old showcased moments of success against the much younger social media star, he ultimately succumbed to a unanimous decision loss after being knocked down in the fifth round.

Unfazed by the setback, Diaz confidently declared that he would continue to pursue his boxing aspirations. He humorously pointed out that, unlike his MMA fights, he emerged from the boxing match unscathed and without any cuts. This remark showcased his determination to succeed in the world of boxing.

During the post-fight interview, Diaz revealed that he had a list of potential opponents in mind, indicating that his boxing journey is far from over. He dismissed any notion of shying away from criticism and pledged to prove himself against a list of deserving adversaries.

Although acknowledging Paul’s solid performance, Diaz also mentioned that an injury had hampered his preparations leading up to the fight. Despite the setback, he made it clear that he never considered pulling out and chose to step into the ring regardless of the challenges.

Meanwhile, Jake Paul, displaying sportsmanship, offered Diaz a lucrative $10 million rematch in mixed martial arts under the banner of PFL (Professional Fighters League). While Diaz is yet to respond to this proposal, it presents an intriguing opportunity for both fighters to settle their score in a different arena.

Jake Paul’s victory over Diaz has reignited his fighting career after his first professional defeat earlier in the year. With his sights set on new challenges, Paul expressed his interest in facing pound-for-pound great Canelo Alvarez, signaling his ambition to continue climbing the ranks.

As the dust settles from this headline-grabbing clash, fight fans eagerly anticipate Diaz’s next move in the boxing world. His tenacity and determination to bounce back make him a compelling figure in the sport, and the list of potential opponents he plans to face adds further excitement to his future endeavors.

Jake Paul Reacts to Nate Diaz’s Suprise ‘Choking’ in Epic Boxing Showdown

In a stunning display of unexpected moves, Jake Paul faced off against former UFC fighter Nate Diaz in a thrilling boxing match that ended in Paul’s favor with a unanimous decision victory. However, the highlight of the night came in the final round when Diaz shocked the entire arena and the internet by applying a guillotine choke on Paul.

During the post-fight press conference, Paul couldn’t help but express his amazement at being put in Diaz’s infamous guillotine. “Yeah, he f—king choked me. He was actually choking me. No, he was actually choking me. I was like, oh God, this is crazy,” Paul candidly admitted. Although caught off guard, he acknowledged the moment’s intensity and humorously added, “I didn’t think he was gonna stop, but he had it in. Obviously, I’m not going to try to defend it, but yeah, it’s just funny. I was like, this is crazy, but yeah, man, that’s why I want to do it back in MMA. It’s fun. I’m with all the s—t.”

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Paul even revealed what he would do if faced with a standing guillotine in a potential MMA fight against Diaz. “Yeah, but like, if I’m ready for it, I would have dropped- if it was an MMA, I would have dropped to a double leg, pick him up, and dropped him on his head,” Paul confidently stated.

Ever the opportunist, “The Problem Child” has offered to take on Diaz in an MMA bout for a staggering $10 million, leaving the ball in Diaz’s court. This bold proposition has the fight world buzzing with excitement, envisioning the possibility of these two fiery competitors clashing once again in the octagon.

While Paul emerged victorious in the boxing match, Diaz’s daring guillotine has set the stage for a potential rematch in the MMA realm. Fans can’t help but anticipate the high-stakes showdown that could be on the horizon as both fighters look to settle the score in a new arena of combat. The world eagerly awaits to see if Diaz will accept Paul’s challenge and if these two rivals will take their feud to new heights in the world of mixed martial arts.

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