Street Fighter Duel Best Teams – How to Create a Strong Team



Street Fighter Duel best team: You can form a powerful team combination in Street Fighter Duel with the best fighters in the game. Check our guide to find more.

Street Fighter Duel has been launched finally. The game is a light strategy RPG that has card battling elements. The gacha game is out for Android and iOS with only a couple of characters in its early stages. The game also has iconic characters like Chin-Li, Mad Ryu, and Juri. Every character in Street Fighter Duel has some special powers and abilities. You can also complete battles in the game’s auto-battle mode. New challenges and fighting tournaments are available right now and you can join hands with 3-4 fighters to complete every combat in the game.  Playing with friends or teammates can be effective as you can complete all battles in Street Fighter Duel struggling much.

PvP and PvE battles are mandatory and you can also play these combat with other fighters. You need to team up with the best Fighters of Street Fighter to get the best results in combat. There are more than 20 Fighters and only a handful of characters are at their best in the game. Every fighter has different skills and stats. You can utilize them to complete all fights in the game easily. Here’s our Street Fighter Duel guide with the best teams, fighters, and combinations to use in battles.

Street Fighter Duel – Best Teams and Combinations

Here are some lethal team compositions with the best fighters that will get you the strongest team in Street Fighter Duel.

Chun-Li – Mad Ryu – Elena

This trio can create wonders and is a magical team combination in Street Fighter Duel. The best set of fighters of Street Fighter Duel is placed in this team.  Chun-Li can inflict heavy damage, while Elena is one of the best AoE fighters in the game.  And finally, Mad Ryu with the best defense and HP makes this team one of the best and strongest ones in Street Fighter Duel. Use the best weapons and skills to dominate every enemy in the game’s combat.

Guile – Mayor Cody – Dhalsim – Juri

Another best team combination can be witnessed if you go with these top-tier fighters in Street Fighter Duel. Juri is one of the best attacking fighters and Guile has the best agility and synergy to support others. Guile is also a great defensive unit and can attack faster with Sonic boom and flash kick abilities in the game. Dhalsim is a potent DPS and can attack from any range and distance making it one of the best ranged players in the game. Mayor Cody with maxed HP and great damage powers will make this an electrifying team combination in Street Fighter Duel.

Street Fighter Duel best team

Beast Zangief – Rose – Adon 

Beast Zangief, one of the game’s primary characters along with Rose and Adon, is an excellent team combination. The best set of fighters who are specialized in different skills and abilities can be found in this trio. Rose with soul power skill can unleash massive physical damage. Rose can stun every fighter by unleashing massive physical damage. Adon is an excellent ranged tank and you can also use special skills to increase its powers and damage stats. Everyone in this group can take on the game’s mighty fighters easily. Overall, this is another incredible team combination that will get you the best results in battles.

T.Hawk –  Ryu – E.Honda – Cammy 

Cammy is a powerful wind elemental character and one of the best assassins in the game. Cammy can attack from all ranges and has high health. E.Honda is a massive tank and boasts mountain element powers. E Honda can deal damage to multiple opponents at a time. T.Hawk can unleash massive light element effects to support others. And Ryu is another best addition for physical damage. Use passive skills and the best weapons to get the best results from this massive team combination for every combat in Street Fighter Duel. This is another powerful team composition and you can use the best set of weapons and special skills to maximize everyone’s ability.

How to Create a Strong Team in Street Fighter Duel?

A powerful team can be picked with the skillful set of fighters in Street Fighter Duel. You can go with top-tier fighters and characters with the best skills and abilities. You need to create a versatile team and every player in your team should compromise ATK, Def, DMG, and HP. Each character should have different skills and this will easily result in picking the best and strongest team combination in Street Fighter. Strongest teams will only improve your success rate and you will also level up the leaderboards quickly.

You can go with our team suggestions and combinations to form the strongest team in the game. You can also go with other fighters along with these combinations. With some powerful fighters in your team, you can complete all challenges in Street Fighter Duel quickly and progress faster. There will be more characters once you progress in the game.

That’s everything about the strongest teams in Street Fighter Duel. Use these team combinations and destroy your opponents. We will come back with more Street Fighter Duel updates and guides soon.

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