Best SMG in COD Mobile


Do you know which is the best CoD Mobile SMG? The list below will help you to find the best weapon that will make you strong.

Since its launch, Call of Duty Mobile has been entertaining gamers. One of the most popular weapon classes of the game is the SMG (Sub-Machine Gun).SMGs are fast-firing, lightweight weapons that are excellent for close-range fights. In this article, we are going to take a look at the best CoD Mobile SMG so read it till the end.


Best CoD Mobile SMG


In terms of its dominance in the meta, the QXR, a well-liked submachine gun in Call of Duty Mobile, has had a turbulent career. The gun lost a lot of its effectiveness as a result of substantial nerfs, and gamers no longer like it. The QXR is still a powerful weapon that shouldn’t be disregarded, despite its downfall.

The QXR’s low damage dropoff at the range, which is worse than that of the Fennec, is one of its main drawbacks. This restriction can significantly reduce the gun’s usefulness in some circumstances, notably in engagements at a distance.

However, despite these flaws, the QXR still offers a number of advantages that, under the appropriate conditions, make it a sensible pick. Particularly in mid-range encounters, the gun has remarkable accuracy and a quick time to kill. The QXR can still easily kill opponents with the correct attachments and playstyle, giving you a strong weapon in your arsenal. If you are looking for the best CoD Mobile SMG then this is a good option.


In Call of Duty Mobile, the MSMC sub-machine gun has drawn a lot of attention for its remarkable killing speed and great mobility. The MSMC is recognized for its quick firing rate, which is second only to the Fennec in the game. Players may quickly eliminate enemies because of the fast fire rate, which is a big advantage in action-packed encounters.

The MSMC is very good in close quarters. Its fast fire rate and ability to outgun most other weapons in its class make it popular among players who prefer aggressive playstyles. Unfortunately, the MSMC has certain weaknesses.

The MSMC’s limited range is one of its main weaknesses. Given that it suffers from damage reduction and decreased accuracy at greater ranges, it is not the best weapon for players that want to kill from a distance. The recoil pattern of the weapon can also be difficult to control both vertically and horizontally. Accurate shot placement can be challenging, especially at greater ranges, due to recoil.

Despite these flaws, many Call of Duty Mobile gamers continues to choose the MSMC. With the correct attachments and playstyle, players can learn to control their recoil and minimize its disadvantages. Its great mobility and tremendous killing speed make it a powerful weapon for short-range.


One of the most effective sub-machine guns in Call of Duty Mobile is the QQ9. It is one of the game’s deadliest weapons because of its fast fire rate, which helps players easily kill opponents. The QQ9 has deadly firepower in addition to outstanding mobility. It is the perfect weapon for gamers that like a quick-paced, aggressive playstyle because of its lightweight. This allows players to move quickly and remain agile throughout engagements. The gun’s accuracy and mobility could be further improved with the correct attachments, making it an even more powerful weapon.

The QQ9’s flexibility is one of its main benefits. Players can customize the gun to their playstyle by choosing from a range of attachments, including scopes, barrels, and magazines. For example, players can add a long-range scope to the QQ9 for improved accuracy at a distance or a suppressor for covert takedowns. The QQ9 is a well-liked alternative among gamers who prefer to experiment with various loadouts and playstyles because of the customization possibilities. If you are in search of the best CoD Mobile SMG, QQ9 is a great option.



The RUS-79U is a highly rated fully automatic submachine gun known for its outstanding damage output and remarkable accuracy. It is a powerful weapon that can quickly and effectively eliminate opponents thanks to its constant fire rate and good range. For gamers who like a well-balanced SMG that performs well in a variety of combat situations, this weapon is a great option.

The RUS-79U’s quick reload time is one of its most notable qualities. This quality makes it a powerful close-range weapon, allowing gamers to quickly and easily knock down a number of opponents. One of the fastest SMG reloads speeds makes this weapon ideal for gamers that like to play aggressively and apply pressure to their opponents.

The accuracy of the RUS-79U is another benefit. Because of its great accuracy, this weapon is perfect for gamers that enjoy engaging in mid-range combat. Because of its huge damage output, it is also quite effective at close-range combat. The accuracy and range of the gun could be further increased with the appropriate attachments, making it an even more powerful weapon on the battlefield.


The time it takes for a weapon to take down an opponent is one of the most crucial aspects to take into account when judging the effectiveness of guns in combat situations. Experienced shooters often favor guns with the shortest time to kill, and they are frequently listed at the top of rating lists. One prominent example of such a weapon is the Fennec.

The Fennec is the highest fire rate SMG in the game, with a rate of fire of almost 1100 rounds per minute. The Fennec excels in mid to close-range combat situations thanks to its phenomenal rate of fire and superb hip-fire accuracy. The gun’s high firing rate more than makes up for the comparatively low apparent damage per round by taking down opponents with ease.

It should be noted that the Fennec still requires expert marksmanship to be used properly because of its fast fire rate, which can quickly exhaust its ammo supply. The Fennec excels in close-quarters combat, although it may suffer at longer ranges when other weapons can be more effective. Yet, Fennec is the best CoD Mobile SMG.

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