20 Best Party Games for Android



Which are the best party games for Android? Can you play party games with friends? Scroll down and find the top 20 party games.

  • Genre –  Board

2. Truth or Dare – Spin the Bottl 

  • Genre – Turn-based 

3. Just Dance Now

  • Theme – Performance 

4. Party Fowl

  • Genre – Musical

5. Taboo

  • Mode – Multiplayer 

6. Evil Apples

  • Genre – Board

7. Fortnite 

  • Genre – Adventure 

Fortnite is a party-based action adventure. A battle royale game that you can play solo, or join with 2 or more friends on an island. Fortnite also has a creative mode where you can play mini games on different maps. You can pick different skins for your characters and use cosmetics as well.

8. Triple Agent

  • Genre – Party 

Triple Agent is a fun and cunning party game. You have to blame, betray and insult your friends. In a group, one member will be a secret agent. The game is a challenge between virus and service agents.  You have to pass the device to others and start finding clues.

9. Crossy Road

  • Genre – Platformer

Cross Road is a platformer and arcade adventure. Play as Chicken or other animals and complete every level. While you cross roads, you have to avoid getting hit by trains cars. You have to hop to other wooden logs to overcome challenges in tracks and rivers. Crossy Road is a fun and casual platformer game to play with friends.

10. Exploding Kittens 

  • Genre – Card

Exploding Kittens is a card battler game where you have to choose your cards, dodge attacks and steal abilities from opponents. With Defuse Cards, you can explode enemies and win the challenge.

11. Town of Salem – The Coven

  • Genre – Adventure 

Play as a Spy, Bodyguard, Vampire or Executioner in this fast-paced action adventure game. The battle between Town Members and Villains will be a visual treat. Town Members have to destroy the mafia gang and Serial Killer has to slay down villagers.

12. Alias

  • Genre – Board 

Alias is a party-based board game. Here, you have to play against friends and guess the right words. Players who score more points will be the winners and claim all Alias gifts.

13. Trivia Crack

  •  Genre –  Quiz 

Trivia Crack is a multiplayer quiz game. You can play a quiz and choose categories like History, Art, Science and Poltics. Before the timer ends, you have to submit your trivia and score points. You can earn crowns from the classic mode. In the survival mode, the last player with high points will win. Triviathon mode helps you climb ranks and the Treasure Mine Mode offers chests and rewards.

14. Flash Party

  • Genre – Fighting 

A multiplayer fighting and party game where you have to use combat mechanics like attack, dodge, block and jump. Teams with the highest knockout scores will progress in the Flash Party Campaign. Fight against enemies in terrains and islands and win challenges with your party.

Best party games
20 Best Party Games for Android 2

15. Wolvesville – Werewolf Online

  • Genre – Survival 

A party game where villagers have to defeat Werevolves from their village. Werevolves will kill villagers during the night.  Those who get lynched and survive till the end will get highest points. In Wolvesville, you can discuss strategies in the chat box and vote there to eliminate villagers.

16. Gogogo!

  • Genre –  Party 

Gogogo is an ultimate party game for 3-16 players. Play against online players in memory, reaction, creative and physical challenges. The Quick Snap features the photo mode challenge and you can take part in the Treasure Hunt to find hidden glowing chests.

17. Monster Masters 

  • Genre – Action 

Monster Masters is an action role playing game. You have to pick your units and train them for battles against monsters. You can battle against your friends with monsters in the private duel mode. Monster Masters is an engaging RPG and party game to play with friends.

18. Goose Goose Duck 

  • Genre – Battle

An uncanny battle game where you have to explore different environments and maps to battle against geese. Classic, Corruption, and Trick or Treat are primary game modes and you have to defeat higher level ducks to claim rewards.

19. Pokemon Unite 

  • Genre – MOBA

A fun and engaging battle adventure game. There are not many party games in the Pokemon franchise and Pokemon Unite is the only popular party game from the series. You can play standard, ranked and custom battles. Pokemon Unite offers 5v5 real-time strategy battles that will take place on many maps.

20. Soccer Physics Games 

  • Genre – Football 

An exciting sports simulation game. In Soccer Physics, you can play against the AI bot or challenge your friends. Scoring goals is easy as you have to simply touch and tap. Soccer Physics Games has different gaming mechanics and it’s one of the best football games for mobile.

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