Top 10 Mobile Games Based on Popular Movies



Want to play the best movie mobile games? If yes, then these 10 games are highly recommended.

There have been thousands of games based on popular movies and anime. Creators have been highly inspired by films and design characters, locations and skills inspired by their favorite films. Fictional characters like Spiderman and Superman have been the most favorite for fans and there are a plethora of video games based on these iconic characters. There are tons of mobile games based on movies. Now, here we will share the top 10 movie mobile games of 2024.

10 Best Movie Mobile Games

Movie mobile games are aplenty. Be it Marvel or DC, you can find numerous games for Android and iOS. Here are the top 10 mobile games that are based on popular movies.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Hogwarts Mystery is a single-player fantasy adventure game. Your journey in Hogwarts begins as a Witch or Wizard. Choose your house and roles. You can play one among Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Gryffindor. Join with students and explore the magical world. Rivals wait for their time to conquer the wizarding world. Learn new spells and unlock potions to power-up your abilities.

You can explore all rooms and tussle against creatures. There are PvE quests, puzzle-quests and more challenges at Hogwarts. There’s a feature to customize outfits, looks and even you will find your romance amid witches and wizards. Hogwarts Mystery is a scintillating fantasy RPG for mobile.

Ice Age Adventures

Ice Age Adventures is a puzzle adventure game. The game’s based on the Ice Age film series. Here, you can play as Sid, Manny and Diego. The world is in a gloomy state. You need to help Diego and his companions and take them to their village. Travel across terrains, lush lands and snow islands. Complete quests and mini-games to claim your basic resources.

Another story begins where you have to help Scratch move out of the Avalanche. You can recruit animals as your companions for challenges. Ice Age Adventures is an exhilarating game and one of the best movie mobile games to play right now. Play as 3 playable characters and engage in daily and weekly battles. Use your currencies like berries, acorns and shells to raise animals and level up skills.

Jurassic World Alive

Jurassic World Alive is a breathtaking action adventure. Dinosaurs return to the world and this has caused a panic. Dinosaurs from the Jurassic World series are seen in forests and other areas. The new breeds are more dangerous and you have to collect some explosive weapons to overcome these obstacles. Engage in PvP battles against online players and show your prowess.

You can collect DNA samples of dinosaurs and upgrade their skills before engaging in battles. You are the head of the Dinosaur Protection Group and the major goal is to protect them from external forces. You can spot dinosaurs on a map as there’s location-based technology to help you out. Collect DNA samples and use them to create hybrids in the Lab.

The Pirate – Caribbean Hunt

Caribbean Hunt is a riveting adventure thriller game. Return as a Pirate on the island and embark on a new hunting adventure. Pick your classes, weapons and engage in high-voltage fleet battles. Use mortars and other explosives to trap the enemy’s fortress. Captains of ships get powerful skills and you can utilize 5 types of Ammo.

You can invade ports during the day and night. There are more than 100 islands to explore. With the best crew members, skills and ships, Caribbean Hunt is yours to rule. The Pirate Caribbean Hunt is an incredible adventure game. You can take part in merchant missions, sea battles, side-quests, convoy missions and treasure hunting challenges as well.

Prince of Persia Escape

Prince of Persia Escape is an arcade runner game. The game is based on the classic Prince of Persia game and a movie of the same name. The only objective in this game is to run, survive and overcome obstacles. There will be many traps in each stage. Crossing hurdles in each stage of the game will be a very challenging task.

There are controls for jump, swipe and slide. Prince of Persia Escape is a gripping side-scroller and arcade thriller game. As you progress, new levels in the game will be unlocked as well. Prince of Persia Escape is a rollercoaster adventure where you have to keep running to survive from enemies.

Spider Fighting

Spider Fighting is a Brawler game where you fight to become the spider hero. Play as a legendary hero and explore all spots in the city. The crime has increased in the vice town. Become a hero and use your skills to eliminate all gangsters. Utilize battle techniques and gameplay mechanics to dodge enemy’s attacks.

The Spider Fighting weapon system offers tons of skills and combat techniques. Use them along with weapons and traverse across locations. Travel through abandoned buildings and campsites, complete story quests and missions. There are hundreds of levels and each stage has different objectives. Spider Fighting is an amazing action adventure game that’s highly inspired by the Spiderman film series.

Marvel Future Fight

The action RPG is set in marvel-themed locations. You can play superheroes from the Marvel Series. Be it Avengers or X-Men, everyone gets their own skills and powers. The future of the world lies in the hands of super heroes. Tussle against villains by recruiting the best Marvel heroes to your squad.

You can play as Spiderman, Doctor Strange, X-Men or even Inhumans. Join hands with other heroes and use gear items and skills to tussle against enemies. Battles are fast-paced and you have to assign different positions to your heroes. The key to winning battles is to use magical weapons and skills. PvP mode battles are the best challenges in the game.

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is a fighting adventure. A striking game where fighters have to take part in 3v3 epic battles. Winning a tournament is vital. It’s a battle to show your pride and prowess among other fighters. You can recruit MK11 heroes to your squad and train them for wars. Play epic side-quests to collect new Mortal Kombat characters to your squad.

Utilize combat skills and synergies to overcome challenges. By completing quests, you can unlock new fighters, artifacts and special skills. The online Faction War is a competitive mode where you can tussle against top-ranked players in the world. Secure wins against opponents and increase your ranks in the leaderboard charts.

Godzilla Defense Force

Godzilla Defense Force is an idle simulation game. Here, you play as a local hero to fight against Godzilla and other creatures from the Godzilla series. The monsters start to invade the city and you are running out of time. The goal is to defend bases and cities against these lurking enemies.

You can pick monster cards and utilize skills of monsters as well. These skills act as buffs and they increase your defense and abilities. Popular cities like London, Sydney and Tokyo are affected by Kaiju beasts. Use your skills, fight against monsters and save the world from Godzilla.

Jumanji Epic Run 

Jumanji Epic Run  is an arcade action runner game. Play as Rock in this fast-paced gold run adventure game. The story begins once the Sacred Falcon Jewel is stolen. Rock has to be the savior once again. An endless journey awaits you in Howling Hyenas, Avalanches and Mountains. Avoid traps and overcome obstacles near waterfalls in this long journey.

Animals like Rhinos, Vultures and Jaguars will try to scare Rock and his gang members. Overcome hurdles and complete each stage. The Jumanji world offers different game modes. You can play as Rock or other playable characters as well. Use techniques like jump, run, slide and dash to survive scares. Your journey in the Jungle and Oasis will be gripping and fun at the same time. Jumanji Epic Run is a classic mobile game and one of the best movie mobile games of all-time.

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