Best Moves to use in Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

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Here is the list of the best Pokemon Scarlet And Violet moves that you can use in the game to take down your opponents without any problem.

By using effective Pokemon and moves, players will have an edge when filling out their Pokedex, since there are a large number of Pokemon to catch and limited currency early in the game. If you are also searching for the best Pokemon Scarlet And Violet moves then read this article till the end. We have also mentioned the Pokemon names using the moves so that you can find it easier to use them.


Glaive Rush (Baxcalibur)

When this move is spammed, it also triggers your opponent’s next move to auto-hit and deals double damage. This affects any Pokémon, not just those you just targeted. This is one of the best Pokemon Scarlet And Violet moves that you can start with.

Population Bomb (Tandemaus, Maushold)

This move is either horrifyingly powerful or underwhelming since the Pokémon can hit one to ten times. If either of those Pocket Monsters has a Technician, then this move can also reach 300 BP. Substitutes will not make much difference, since it hits multiple times.

Salt Cure (Naclstack, Garganacl)

The move does some modest base damage, along with additional damage every turn. Water and Steel types take more damage, which is unfortunate because it was specifically designed for Lechonk.

Mortal Spin (Glimmora)

Wrap, Leech Seed, and Bind have been an awful trinity that has haunted players for years. The opponent gets poisoned and all those are removed by Mortal Spin. This is one of the best best Pokemon Scarlet And Violet moves.

Kowtow Cleave (Kingambit)

In terms of damage, you can call it dogeza, since it’s the signature move of a samurai Pokémon. Even though False Surrender is slightly more potent, this poorly localized move is essentially the same-Dark-type.

Snowscape (Snorunt, Glaceon, Froslass, Cubchoo, Frosmoth, etc…)

There’s a new weather effect called Snowstorm that gives Ice-types increased defense without chip damage for five turns.

Raging Bull (Tauros)

There are three kinds of brick breaks for Tauros. The base type is Normal, but you can also choose Fighting, Fire, or Water if you have one of the fancy versions only.

Chilly Reception (Slowking)

Tells a joke that is so terrible that it causes a snowfall, forcing the user to replace themselves with a new party member. If you want to replace a member of your opponent then this is one of the best Pokemon Scarlet And Violet moves.


Double Shock (Pawmot)

This attack is something like a “normal-type” attack, except that it removes all Electric-type typing from the user afterward. If used by a pure Electric-type (via Copycat or some other method), the user will be type-less afterward.

Revival Blessing (Rabsca, Pawmot)

Basically, Revival Blessing restores half of HP to a party member. It is a 1-PP move that restores half the health of any fainted ally on your team. When you use certainly broken teammates, like Flutter Mane, Revival Blessing is ridiculously powerful.

Comeuppance (Houndour, Honchkrow, Mabosstiff)

This attack is similar to Counter, but it is Dark-type. This attack was probably designed to make use of Counter’s effects against Ghost-type Pokémon, which are immune to that attack.

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