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This article discusses about the Ling Han Tower of Fantasy character and the best tips tricks and tactics.

Zhen Gong appointed Ling Han, also called Lady Baihu, to be in charge of Marshville. She is in charge of Longjian Pavilion, an important military facility. Since the Pavilion’s major responsibility is to warn of the high-ranking Darkness’s threats, she effectively commands all of Domain 9’s Domain Guards.

Ling Han Tower of Fantasy Background

In Tower of Fantasy, Ling Han assumes the role of Baihu of the Four Symbols, keeping watch over Marshville’s icy landscapes to keep them safe from the Darkness’s abyss current. With the Alabaster Tiger’s increased off-field damage and powerful weapon skill damage, this new Simulacrum is a formidable combination.

Ling Han Tower of Fantasy can operate as a main or secondary DPS, doing a great lot of damage on the battlefield with her charged standard attacks and talents. Her capacity to gradually deal massive damage to nearby opponents will be useful off the field as well.

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Tower of Fantasy Cover

Ling Han Tower of Fantasy Skills

Sword Art: Shadowy Ice, her weapon talent, freezes all foes in its path for four seconds while doing significant damage to them. The Wanderer also acquires Cold Air, which slows down surrounding opponents and deals even greater damage to them every second. In addition, three Frost Blades will be called forth, one of which will assault the enemy under attack every 7.5 seconds while reducing the target’s body temperature and dealing damage to nearby opponents for a total of 12 seconds.

Regarding the Alabaster Tiger’s unique passive, Extreme Cold: Unload, Ling Han inflicts additional damage on the victim once every second for 30 seconds when using her weapon skill. The damage is increased if the weapon is paired with any Flame, Volt, or Physical weapon. This damage falls under skill damage, and the base amount depends on the Frost Attack, Maximum HP, Critical, and the total of all types of resistance used by the Wanderer.

ling han tower of fantasy
Ling Han Tower of Fantasy Cover

Ling Han Tower of Fantasy Star Gameplay Moves

Up to four Frost Blades can be summoned by a 3-star Ling Han, with Temperature Reduction doing more damage. If there is just one target, the effect lasts for six seconds and furthermore applies Vein Seal, which slows the target down by thirty percent. The Vein Seal and Temperature Reduction will be removed if the victim is struck by another Frost Blade, dealing high skill damage in addition to additional damage based on the target’s HP loss.

Both Cold Air and Crystalline Crack will deal more damage to a 5-star Ling Han. With Light Steps now able to store up to 10 charges and recover one charge every 3 seconds, Wanderers can also make more use of her movement talent. This includes using Floral Dance more frequently.

Ling Han Skills and Mechanisms in Tower of Fantasy scaled 1
Ling Han Gameplay

Ling Han Tower of Fantasy Team Compositions

Ling Han might team up with Icarus and Yu Lan to be effective. With Ling Han’s Simulacrum characteristic bearing the most weight when it comes to Frost weapon skills and discharge skills damage, an all-Frost team may take full advantage of the Swift Cut feature to greatly improve damage output.

Alternatively, pairing Ling Han with Yu Lan and Fiona is excellent. With Fiona giving damage boosts and this Simulacrum adding Martial Artist stacks to Yu Lan, the three of them are extremely dangerous and should not be trifled with.

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Ling Han Outfit

For gamers who are new to Tower of Fantasy, there is a beginners guide right here.

What platform is Tower of Fantasy available on?

Tower of Fantasy is available on the Playstation consoles, Mobile devices and Microsoft Windows

Who is Ling Han in Tower of Fantasy?

Ling Han is a simulacrum ( playable character) in Tower of Fantasy.

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