Best Mobile Games for Learning a New Language



Want to improve your communication and learn new languages? Then, here you can find the Best Language Games for Mobile.

Have you ever wondered if there’s an app to learn languages? Actually, there are tons of app language learning apps for Android and iOS. Out of these, only a few have been good. You can learn new languages like German, Spanish, Dutch, and Japanese along with English. These language apps for mobile ensure you learn new vocabulary and phrases. Also, you can improve your writing and speaking skills. Here, you can find the best language learning apps for mobile.

Best Language Games for Mobile


Duolingo is a top-rated language learning app in the world. This app provides an opportunity to learn major languages like English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Japanese and French. It is completely free and you can learn up to 40 languages. The syllabus in Duolingo is very simple and even a novice can grasp a new language in no time.

With Duolingo, you can improvise your grammar, accent and vocabulary. The app also helps you master all languages and you can converse just like a native speaker. There will be tasks like reading, translating and typing. There are even gaming sessions where you can interact with AI characters and learn new things.

Scrabble Go

Scrabble Go is a classic and an orginal word game. You can play the game with friends and learn new words. Scrabble Go is completely focused on improving english and it also helps you learn lots of new vocabularies. Solve riddles by using hints and complete words.

You can connect with friends through Facebook and play with family members and kids. Scrabble offers a plethora of challenges. In Duels, you have to play against a single opponent and complete words in just 5 turns. Winning duels unlocks chests. The Word Drop is another game mode where used tiles will be replaced with new clues. Win rewards like boosts to up your game. There’s also a practice mode for beginners and this is easily one of the best language learning apps for youngsters.


Drops is one of the best language learning apps. In Drops, you can predominantly learn Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, English and German vocabularies. You will learn new phrases quickly. The app also has many activities like filling puzzles. Drops offers up to 45 languages. You can master foreign languages in a short time. There will be  beginners, intermediate and expert levels. You will learn different syllabus in all these stages. Each syllabus provides different content and some might be hard to understand. Drops is one of the highly rated language learning apps and it’s user-friendly as well.


FluentU is another language learning app that allows users to learn new languages through videos. All video content will be available with subtitles and examples. You can find a dictionary, play quizzes, engage in conversation and learn everything..FluentU offers content in English, Japanese, French, and German. It is another useful app to learn languages quickly.


Memerise, an award-winning app has been a revelation. The influence of this language learning app has been staggering over the years. Memerise has the best AI and it ensures you will be a fluent speaker in a short span. There’s an app called the Membot and it makes sure you are fully trained with speaking new languages.

Memerise is a great platform for preparation of exams and interviews. You will be able to discover new phrases and content related to our day-to-day life. In Memerise, there will be tons of videos of native speakers. You can effectively learn accents by simply watching them. Your weakness can be overcome with this amazing app and you will be an articulate person.


Charades is a board game. Here, you have to find vocabulary by using clues given by your friends. There are more than 100 decks which include topics like Fortnite, Dota, YouTube, Disney and Christmas. You can express clues by dancing, singing and humming. There are many levels for each game. So, use hints and complete the sentence.

This is one of the best language games for mobile. You can choose English, Spanish, German and more. While playing, you need to place your phone on your head. You can tilt upwards to pass the question and tilt it downwards to guess the right answer. The clues will be regarding movies, shows, sports, landmarks and cities. Charades lets you learn new vocabulary in all available languages.

These are the best language games for both Android and iOS. Language games provide various content. You can primarily focus on speaking and reading. These language learning apps have been highly useful for school and college students.

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