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Cod Mobile loot zones

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If you are looking for the best Cod Mobile loot zones that give you high tier items then this guide is for you. We have the best high tier zones for you.

Any CoD Mobile player knows, the key to success in the game is having the right gear and weapons. And what better way to gear up than by looting the best high tier loot zones on the map?

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the best CoD Mobile loot zones that offer the best chance of finding high-quality loot. From Nuketown to the Isolated map, we’ll explore the top zones that can give you a significant edge in battle.


Best High Tier CoD Mobile loot zones

Firing Range

As you enter Firing Range, you’ll be immediately struck by the sheer size of the zone. Packed with buildings, walls, and even a lookout tower, there are plenty of areas for you to explore and loot. The numerous crates scattered throughout the zone offer a good chance to find some top-tier weapons. You will also get ammo and other useful items to give you an edge in battle.

However, navigating through Firing Range is not an easy task. As a highly contested zone, you can expect to run into multiple opponents. Because everyone will try to loot in that zone. So, it’s essential to stay on high alert and be prepared for any potential ambushes or attacks. Make sure you have a strong team. Move quickly and strategically if you’re flying solo, to survive and thrive in this dynamic zone.

Cargo Docks

When it comes to CoD Mobile loot zones, the Cargo Docks is an area that players should approach with caution. While this zone is packed with plenty of crates and loot, it’s also an open space. It is highly exposed and vulnerable to long-range attacks. This makes it an attractive location for marksmen and snipers to set up shop and pick off unsuspecting players.

In Cargo Docks, you’ll immediately notice the numerous shipping containers that make up the majority of the zone’s structure. These containers offer a wealth of loot and gear for you to collect. However, be careful not to get caught off guard by snipers lurking in the area. Keep your wits about you and stay vigilant for potential ambushes from all angles.

Navigating through the Cargo Docks requires a certain level of skill and strategy. You’ll need to be able to balance the need for loot with the need for survival. You’ll want to move quickly from container to container to avoid getting caught in one spot for too long. At the same time, you’ll also want to keep an eye out for any enemies that may be lying in wait.


If you’re looking for CoD Mobile loot zones that are often overlooked by other players, then the Factory is a good option. Factory’s location is in the far southeast region of the map. This means that it’s not a popular landing point for most players. As you enter the Factory, you’ll see a variety of buildings and structures that make up the zone. 

From small warehouses to large factory buildings, there are plenty of places to explore and loot. The crates scattered throughout the area offer a good chance of finding high-quality weapons. You will also get equipment that can help you in the upcoming battles. The Factory’s location makes it a great starting point for moving toward the center of the map. You can even move toward other CoD Mobile loot zones. 


If you’re looking for CoD Mobile loot zones that offer both excellent loot and strategic advantages, then Nuketown is a must-visit location. This zone is located on a smaller island just off the mainland. This makes it an isolated and easily-defensible spot for players to land.

One of the major benefits of landing in Nuketown is the presence of a helicopter spawn. There is also a nearby upgrade terminal. This means that players who can secure these resources early on will have a significant advantage over their opponents. They’ll be able to move quickly across the map and upgrade their weapons and equipment for maximum effectiveness.

In addition to these strategic advantages, Nuketown also offers a wealth of high-tier loot and gear for players to collect. The zone is packed with buildings and structures of different sizes. Each offers a chance to find top-quality weapons, ammunition, and other equipment. Whether you prefer close-quarters combat or long-range sniping, Nuketown has something to offer.

Of course, as with any high-tier loot zone, there are risks to landing in Nuketown. Other players will likely be drawn to this location for the same reasons you are. Therefore, you’ll need to be prepared for intense battles and potential ambushes. 


The Farm is one of the most popular CoD Mobile loot zones. Located in isolated map north of Pipeline and south of Standoff, this zone offers a wealth of loot and rewards.

One of the key features of the Farm is the presence of a massive creature that can be defeated for a significant reward. This creature is known to drop a large amount of high-level loot when defeated. This makes it a highly sought-after target for squads and individual players alike. However, taking down this creature is no easy feat, as it is heavily guarded and requires careful planning and teamwork to defeat.

In addition to the creature, the Farm is packed with high-tier loot and gear for players to collect. From powerful weapons and ammunition to rare equipment and upgrades, there’s no shortage of valuable loot to be found in this zone. However, as with any high-tier loot zone, the Farm is also a popular target for other players, so you’ll need to be on your guard and ready to fight for your rewards.



The Cellhousein the Alcatraz map is an excellent location to check out. This massive, angled building is situated right at the center of the map and is packed with high-level loot, making it a prime target for players looking to gear up quickly.

As a result, the Cellhouse is a popular hot drop, with many players vying for control of the area as soon as the match begins. This means that gunfights are likely to break out both within and around the building, providing plenty of opportunities for intense combat and high-stakes gameplay.

Navigating through the Cellhouse can be a challenge, as the building is filled with narrow corridors, tight spaces, and hidden rooms. However, the rewards for braving this difficult terrain can be substantial, with high-tier weapons, ammunition, and equipment waiting for those who are brave enough to venture deep into the building.

Construction Site

If you’re looking for a high-risk, high-reward location in Call of Duty Mobile, the Construction Site is definitely worth checking out. Situated in the northwest corner of the isolated map, near Estates, this massive area is one of the largest on the blackout map.

At the heart of the Construction Site is a multi-level building that is currently under construction. This building provides players with a wealth of loot, as each level is packed with high-tier weapons, ammunition, equipment, and upgrades. However, navigating through the building can be a challenge, as it is heavily guarded by other players and filled with tight spaces and narrow corridors.

Outside of the building, players can use a variety of transportation methods to get around, including elevators, zip lines, stairs, and an airborne machine for rotations. This provides players with a range of options for getting in and out of the area quickly, as well as for launching surprise attacks on unsuspecting opponents.

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