Best Healers in Genshin Impact


Here are the best healers in Genshin Impact. If you are having trouble staying alive, you can use the best healers for support.

The best Genshin Impact teams rely on a healing source to keep their members healthy while they roam around Teyvat. The diversified roster of Genshin Impact allows players to form a wide range of teams. Choosing the best healer for your team is crucial to your team’s success in the game.

Healing is an underrated but crucial component of any Genshin Impact team. It’s only a matter of time before you’re chomping on Sweet Madame. In the current meta, having a healer to keep the main DPS healthy is very vital. With the corruption status effect showing up everywhere, this is even more essential. Combat can be made easier and more enjoyable with the addition of a healer to a team. A healer is always useful to a team while facing off against various enemies, coping with the new Spiral Abyss rotations, or simply exploring the area

Genshin Impact Best Healers

The best healers are those who can not only heal their teammates but also offer the team boosts and Elemental Resonance. There is no way a player can progress through dangerous locations like the Spiral Abyss without the help of good healers. Here is our list of the Best Healers in Genshin Impact.

Sangonomiya Kokomi

Sangonomiya Kokomi is, to put it bluntly, a better version of Barbara. There is a lot in common between the two: both have healing skills and bursts, require a hydro catalyst, and aren’t very great at anything else.

Kokomi’s talents are unique in that they both help other members of the party and contribute to the combat. She has the power of the Hydro element, which she may use to unleash a barrage of attacks against a single or several enemies in the vicinity. Her healing is provided by a summoned jellyfish that heals party members while also dealing damage to enemies.


You can ignore all the other healers for one team if you have Bennett since he’ll carry everyone. Bennett has one of the fastest healing rates in the game, and it’s also long-lasting rather than a one-time HP boost. As long as they’re in Bennett’s healing circle, other characters can tank through attacks.


Her elemental burst and skill both provide passive healing, making it simple to switch characters and utilize her skill.But the fact that her talent cooldown is slow compared to other healers is her main flaw. he fact that her talent cooldown is slow compared to other healers is her main flaw. Players will find that utilizing attack and energy recharge bonuses in artifacts will combat Qiqi’s long cooldowns with stronger bursts when investing in her.


Barbara’s healing abilities are scaled with her own health points, unlike the other healers. She is better at restoring health to her team the more she has. She’s the only character who can be set up solely as a healer and still be effective without having to hard focus on the attack stat. When her constellations reach their max, she can also perform a revive, a unique skill that can turn the tide of battle.


While Jean is an excellent healer in her own right, it is her tremendous attack strength that makes her so dangerous. When you scale them both together, you get a devastating combo that benefits everyone on the team. Jean is a powerful burst healer in Genshin Impact, and her Elemental Skill, Gale Blade, gives her exceptional crowd control. Dandelion Breeze may easily clear the Spiral Abyss by using this in combination with her Burst.


While most people don’t think of Diona as a healer, she can be turned into one with a little work. To make the most out of her restricted healing powers, players should strive for the Maiden Beloved build.

Diona provides healing and shielding to her team, as well as Cryo application and plenty of other benefits for anyone standing in her Signature Mix Elemental Burst. Including her in a team will keep the team stable and healthy.

Jean in Genshin Impact
Jean in Genshin Impact


Sayu, the first healer introduced in Inazuma, is a unique healing choice. With her healing connected to her elemental burst, as well as her skill via passive talents (when she initiates a swirl response), she’s a rather handy healer who only takes a little practice to perfect.


Noelle is also a defensive healer, which is unusual among Genshin Impact’s tiny number of healers. Jean may be the best in terms of attacking prowess, and Qiqi is the best in terms of sheer healing prowess, but Noelle is the toughest to beat. When you combine this with a healing ability related to an elemental skill rather than a burst, you get a healer that heals more frequently than the rest of the group.


The healing skills of Xingqiu are connected to his Rain Blades, which players will not be able to use until his first ascension. This is a limitation in and of itself because Xingqiu cannot be used as a healer until he is upgraded. In addition, his healing is low in stats compared to other healers, and it only affects the active character; Xingqiu does not have global healing.

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