Best Formula One Video Games Ever


Keen followers of sport will know that whatever their preference, motorsport, racquet or team sports, there will be a video game equivalent to fill the gap between the real action.

These games range from serious simulations to management experiences, from arcade fun to interesting takes on a popular genre. Whichever sport you follow here on Media Referee, there will be a game for you to enjoy. For fans of wrestling, there is WWE 2K Battlegrounds, whilst fans of soccer have the FIFA series. Fans of the NFL can enjoy the popular John Madden games, and keen motorsports followers are spoiled for choice.

Motorsport is a wide-ranging title for a whole genre of sports that demand a different and unique experience. Those into their off-road games can pick up the likes of Dirt 5, rated highly on IGN, whilst motorcyclists can enjoy MotoGP 20 and Ride 4. Whatever your chosen vehicle, there is a game for you, and some ever veer a little from the accepted norms of a racing game, especially on mobile devices. You can take your racing experience onto the tabletop with Table Top Racing: World Tour on iOS and Android, whilst other game genres also lean on motorsport imagery. Wacky Races is a title that , taking the themes from the famous racing show and converting it to an online slot. It is not alone in twisting the accepted norm of a racing game, as Motorsport Manager and F1 Manager puts you in charge of the pits in Formula 1, rather than behind the wheel of a car.

Formula 1 is, of course, the fastest form of motorsport and one that many developers have tried to replicate on home consoles over the years. Some of the Formula 1 games have been outstanding, others not quite so good. With such a wide selection to choose from, it might be hard to pick something you enjoy, so we have collated the best three Formula 1 games ever for you to enjoy.

Grand Prix Challenge

Grand Prix Challenge landed on the PlayStation 2 back in 2002, but it is an impressive title even by today’s standards. The graphics were cutting edge at the time, with air streams visual on the rear of the cars. That might be standard now, but in 2002 it was a real ‘wow’ moment. There were plenty of tracks, 17 in all, as well as game modes such as time trials, full seasons and a multiplayer split-screen for those nights on the sofa with chips and dips.

Formula One: Championship Edition

We are onto the next generation of console, specifically the PlayStation 3, for this 2007 release. Like Grand Prix Challenge, it was cutting edge at the time, offering car reflections on wet surfaces and new wet weather effects. There was improved AI, meaning you could pressure other cars into mistakes, such as risky overtakes or running a corner wide. It has stood the test of time, and if you have access to an older machine, it is worth picking up and playing.

F1 2020

Codemasters developed F1 2020 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and they are a software house that has become something of a racing specialist. They are the people behind Dirt 5 and a host of other top racing games, and their 2020 Formula 1 game is the best on the market. The roster of drivers is up to date as of last year too, meaning the current leader of the table, Max Verstappen, , is available to play with, as is the reigning world champions Lewis Hamilton, according to ESPN. One significant change from previous years is the ‘My Team’ feature, which gives players the option of starting their own Formula 1 team, with car design, sponsors to attract and a second driver to choose.