Best Characters in Metroland


Here is everything you need to about the characters from the endless runner game Metroland. Find out how to unlock them and more!

Metroland is an endless runner game similar to Subway Surfer and Temple Run. You can parkour through the city dashing over rooftops and diving in the subway tunnels as you evade capture. You can play this game offline to unlock new gadgets and areas. You can also build rooms and fun robots to send them to grab some loot while you are offline. The new areas that you unlock have many different features keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting. 

It has many different characters that you can unlock and play. The developers have assured the fanbase that they will release more characters in the coming updates. Jet is the first character you play with, and he is unlocked for free. The others can be obtained by completing the Daily Surprise task or by playing the Story Mode. Right now, the highest level you can upgrade a character to is 50. Here is a list of all the characters available in the game.

Metroland Characters


Jet is the game’s first character, and he is by far the easiest and most enjoyable to play. From the daily login, as well as the pass and missions, you will obtain many tokens to upgrade him. He is unlocked instantly when you start playing the game, so you don’t have to do anything special to get him.


Deedee is the most straightforward character to obtain in MetroLand, as all you have to do is complete Story chapter 1, which requires a total high score of 1150.

Metroland Gameplay
Metroland Gameplay (Google Play Store)


Flash is a really attractive character who can be unlocked by completing Chapter 10 of the Story mode. To get him, you’ll need to play the game for a long time because you’ll need to gather 436,000 points, or reach Story Milestone 42.


It’s a little simpler to get this cool character wearing headphones and listening to some tunes.You unlock him after logging in for two days and unlocking the Daily Surprise Day 2.


Robyn is unlocked in a similar way to Ziggy, but you’ll have to wait until Day 4 of the Daily Surprise to receive her. She’s dressed in a beanie and joggers, which are ideal for sliding and jumping over obstacles!

Metroland Gameplay
Metroland Gameplay (Google Play Store)

Metroland is available on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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