Here is a list of the best Catalyst users in Genshin Impact. They are the best characters to deal elemental damage with every hit

Catalyst users are essentially Genshin Impact’s mages. These characters are designed for long-range combat and perform best when they have shields to protect them. This creates an opportunity for catalysts to start wreaking havoc. Fortunately, many of the characters have skills that make dealing with opponents a lot easier.

There are currently nine different Catalyst users in Genshin Impact, therefore players may be unsure which is the best to create for their team. In Genshin Impact, Catalyst users are a wonderful option for players searching for a good Support or Sub-DPS unit, and the addition of the new Electro 5-Star Catalyst Yae Miko has only strengthened this set of characters.

Best Catalyst Users in Genshin Imapct


Barbara is a free catalyst character available to players in Genshin Impact. The Favonius Church Sister possesses Hydro Vision and possesses a healing angelic voice. Barbara is an excellent Genshin healer, but she doesn’t contribute much to the team.

Her Elemental Burst and Skill simply heal your party, and her Hydro application is the only minor benefit she offers. However, it’s worth noting that Barbara is the only one who can fully resurrect a fallen member and that with constellations, she’s a great support for Hydro DPS.


Klee may be young and little, but she is a force to be reckoned with. Klee, like Yanfei, is a self-centered DPS. She can’t be changed out while her Elemental Burst is active. The Burst will disappear if this does not happen. Except for the small mines left by her Elemental Skill, Klee isn’t much help.

Despite having the smallest range among the other characters, the tiny troublemaker has the best DPS count among catalyst users. Despite the fact that she doesn’t have much else to offer, Klee is still a great addition to your team.

Lisa in Genshin Imapct
Lisa in Genshin Imapct


Lisa is one of the first characters players meet in Teyvat, and she’s one of the four stars that every player receives for free. The most obvious disadvantage is that her constellations are extremely difficult to obtain as a result of this.

She’s a catalyst user, which means she prefers to keep her distance from enemies. Regardless, her Elemental Skill and Burst both require her to be close to the targets she’s targeting, and the former is far too readily interrupted without shields.


Mona is a Hydro support character, but she is not a healer. Mona’s role is to use her Omen, a debuff on enemies caused by her Elemental Burst, to taunt, battery, and increase the team’s damage.

Mona’s Burst may cause a lot of damage while letting her teammates to do even more. Mona is frequently paired with Sucrose, another character who can boost the team’s overall DPS. Mona is capable of acting as a DPS in her own right, making her one of the most powerful Catalyst characters.


Despite being a 4-star character, Yuheng of the Qixing is a fantastic DPS in the game. After you’ve gotten used to her clumsy Charged Attack, she’ll turn into a powerful unit.

Her versatility is also impressive, as she can do damage, charge herself, and unleash a Geo damage bonus. Ningguang, as a Geo character, doesn’t need to be paired with anyone else to succeed.

Sanganomiya Kokomi in Genshin Impact
Sanganomiya Kokomi in Genshin Impact

Sanganomiya Kokomi

Kokomi is the third Hydro-catalyst user to arrive in Genshin, and the second to be a specialized healer. It’s understandable that Kokomi wouldn’t be as popular as her Inazuman counterparts in the wake of big-hit releases like Ayaka and Raiden Shogun.

She is, nevertheless, a highly powerful and dedicated healer, with a good 75 percent pick-rate from those who have her in the Spiral Abyss. Her design is stunning, and she’s a smart, soft-spoken character who is sure to appeal to fans.


Sucrose is currently the game’s lone Anemo catalyst character. Anemo is by far the best support Element. Sucrose can reduce the enemy’s Elemental resistance with Viridescent Venerer. Sucrose’s damage, both from her Elemental Skill and from her Burst, should not be overlooked.

Sucrose also crowd controls the opponents, makes a lot of Elemental Particles, and passes on her Elemental Mastery to the party, as if that wasn’t enough. Sucrose comfortably takes the top rank for best catalyst user thanks to her broad array of supportive abilities.

Yae Miko

Yae Miko had been rumored to be heading to Genshin Impact for more than a year prior to her actual release. That was all it took for fans to become ecstatic about her impending release, but things didn’t go as smoothly as many had hoped.

Yae Miko’s kit was faulty when she was first released, with her Elemental Skill placements not stacking their associated damage bonus effectively. This snuffed out a lot of her initial buzz, but it’s still fixable, so hopefully her re-run will see a lot more Yae fans join her side.


Yanfei is another Pyro DPS who uses the Catalyst weapon in Genshin Impact. Players must rotate between her Normal and Charged Attack in this Liyue character’s playstyle, which is comparable to Ningguang’s (but smoother). Yanfei has the Puro Vision, which means she can be used in both Vaporize and Melt comps to increase her damage output. 

While this may appear to be a positive thing, it also implies that Yanfei will require the help of a specific team in order to perform at her best. When her Elemental Burst is active, she shines brightest, but her Elemental Skill isn’t the best battery. As a result, those who want to play Yanfei must form a team around her.

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