Best Casual Games for Mobile 2022


We have created a list of the best casual games you can play on your mobile to enjoy on your commute or you are simply waiting in a queue.

To enter the wonderful world of video games nowadays, you don’t need a pricey PC or a specific gaming device. All you’ll need is your smartphone to get started. On smartphones, games are the most downloaded form of entertainment content, and games are the highest-grossing category across all platforms. You can use these games to pass the time while waiting in line or on a long flight. If you want to test your skills a bit more, you can also check out our list of the best Strategy Games for mobile. Here is a list of the Best Casual Mobile Games.

Best Casual Mobile Games

1. Crossy Roads

App Store/ Play Store

The game was released in 2014 and continues to be popular. Even after 5 years, this game is consistently ranked as one of the most popular mobile games. There is a character who must go across crowded highways, rivers with floating boards, and other obstacles. It’s a simple hyper-casual game with great mechanisms. Simply give it a try, and you’ll find yourself attempting to break your own record set just a few minutes before. With its fascinating gameplay and stunning graphic flair, this is a definite hit.

2. Two Dots

App Store/ Play Store

Two Dots 2 is a simple puzzle game that is far too difficult to master. The goal of this game, which is a successor to Dots, is to connect dots of the same colour. There are over 900 levels in this easy puzzle game, as well as a Treasure Hunt and an Expedition mode. You can also attempt the Find Hidden Objects option, but be warned: it can take hours to search through a jumble of objects.

3. Fast Like a Fox

App Store/ Play Store

Fast Like A Fox is a fantastic platformer running game. Geometric vector-based graphics are used in the game, and they look terrific. The game is set in woodland, and you will be controlling a fox, making it jump and feed it while avoiding falling into the pits. The way you control the fox in this game is the trick. To make the fox run, keep touching the back of your phone with your four fingers. The fox sprints faster the faster you tap. You must tap the screen at the same moment to make the fox jump onto the platform. Although it appears to be simple, it is extremely difficult.

4. Chessplode

App Store/ Play Store

Chessplode is a game that combines chess and explosions. It has a significant impact on how you play chess. If you’re not very good at chess or don’t know how to play, you can have an advantage over someone who is. Except if there’s a king in the way when you capture a piece, the entire row and column get blown up. In that situation, the move becomes a standard capture. This game completely transforms the chess paradigm, making it practically unrecognisable from the original.

5. Rise Up

App Store/ Play Store

This is a simple game where, as the name suggests, you have to Ris Up. You must use your finger to shield your balloon from various objects. Remove various impediments to allow the balloon to fly as high as possible. This game has a feature that you don’t typically see in mobile games: it’s almost meditative. Although the gameplay is hard and difficult, there is something soothing about it. Although the game’s minimalistic graphics and pale colours may be an acquired taste, they are perfectly suited to the game’s theme.

best casual games rise up
Rise up (Play Store)

6. Piano Tiles 2

App Store/ Play Store

Piano Tiles 2 builds on the success of the original Piano Tiles game by allowing you to play along with the band to classical and modern pop songs. Tap the black keys with your fingertips as they scroll down your screen to the music. Additional tracks can be unlocked through in-app purchases. An absolute must-have is a hugely popular game with a wonderful built-in soundtrack.

casual games piano tiles 2
Piano Tiles 2 (App Store)

7. Smash Hit

App Store/ Play Store

Smash Hit is a fun game with straightforward gameplay and an excellent soundtrack. As you go through the game’s stages (about 50 of which are included in the free download), the music and audio effects change. Premium features, such as the ability to save and access checkpoints, new game modes, and cloud saves across all of your devices, are available as an optional in-app purchase.

8. Battlelands Royale

App Store/ Play Store

Don’t judge the game just because it is a Battle Royale type one. Unlike the intense Battle Royale gameplay, Battlelands Royale uses cartoony images to tone down the violence. Similar to PUBG and BGMI, a total of 32 players parachute down onto a map and hunt for weapons, ammo, and stay in the safe zone while fighting the enemies. The games are only a few minutes long and contain cosmetics and emotes.

9. Mini Metro

App Store/ Play Store

Mini Metro’s primary idea is to create lines and stations to develop a metro system for a growing metropolis. The idea is to keep going as long as possible with the resources you have. It’s a lot of fun, and each playthrough forces you to try something different. You’ll need to plan out how you want your system to work. It is one of the strategies and casual combo where you actually have to think and not just swipe mindlessly.

10. Stardew Valley

App Store/ Play Store

Stardew Valley became a modern indie classic thanks to its relaxing yet effective blend of farming, life simulation, and casual RPG components. You want a game on your phone that requires you to check in on your farm every day for a few minutes. Plus, if your real-life dating app becomes too dismal, you may fall in love with these sweet video game rural people instead.

This was our list of the best casual games you can enjoy on your mobile devices. These games will make your leisure time more enjoyable and fun. 

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