Best Bow Users in Genshin Impact


Here is a list of the best Bow users in Genshin Impact. They are the best characters to deal damage from a distance and stay protected.

In Genshin Impact, bow users have the most varied playstyle of any weapon in the game. Each of the nine long range characters can be built in a variety of ways, allowing them to fulfill a number of roles and playstyles. Having said that, each character has their own set of advantages and disadvantages. As a result, it’s critical to understand some bow users are more advantageous than others.

While bow users may appear to be a support class, many of them are actually built for DPS while still having skills that might be used in a support setup. This is especially true with Fischl and Ganyu, who are considered to be two of the game’s most powerful characters.

Best Bow Users in Genshin Impact


Amber is the community’s favorite mascot and the first  character that every player obtains in Genshin Impact. When it comes to combat, she is one of Genshin Impact’s weakest bow users. Her charged attack lacks AoE damage, and her Elemental Burst is underwhelming.

Her Pyro application is likewise too little to be of any value. While constellations can improve her kit, you won’t be able to get them because Amber only appears in the regular banner.


Many people assumed that because Aloy is a free character, she must be useless. Aloy, on the other hand, shines as a Sub-DPS. Her Elemental Burst does a lot of damage for a small amount of energy.

Aloy’s Elemental Skill, on the other hand, is both a good and bad thing. Because of the long cooldown, she has the weakest Cryo application in the game. She’ll also need someone like Sucrose or Kazuha to assist her in obtaining four stacks in order to activate the Rushing Ice State.

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Kujou Sara

Sara is a four-star Electro character and the Raiden Shogun’s right-hand woman. Despite her harsh attitude, she appears to care profoundly for the inhabitants of Inazuma, as evidenced by her allowing the Traveler and Yoimiya to rescue the prisoner and leave without a fight during the Prison domain.

Kujou Sara is a sub-DPS character for Genshin Impact players who want to use their main bow user. The basic usage of Kujou Sara is much more focused than Diona’s. Kujou Sara concentrates on efficiently improving Attack stats and energy regeneration for the rest of her party, whereas Diona is a decent shielder, healer, and stat-booster.


Fischl is essentially an easy to use version of Kujou Sara. She is an Electro character that is well-suited to playing a sub-DPS role. Fischl and Kujou Sara are nearly identical, although Fischl loses a tiny amount of her base HP and Defense stats in order to provide players with a substantially greater base Attack stat than Kujou Sara. 

While both Fischl and Kujou Sara are best used as sub-DPS characters, Fischl’s stats and abilities allow her to be a viable main DPS character for players with limited options.

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Another Mondstadt four-star with the Cryo vision is Diona. She is a fantastic support character that can generate a shield as well as heal the team. Her elemental shield is split into two categories. The first summons a shield and fires two cryo paws at enemies, extending the shield’s duration for each paw that hits.

The second comes by holding down the skill button, which sends out five cryo paws and increases the shield’s damage absorption by 75%. Her burst produces a big AoE circle and tosses a cocktail. Cryo damage will be dealt to the enemies in the circle, while allies in the circle will be healed.

Tartaglia (Childe)

Tartaglia is possibly one of Genshin Impact’s most unusual bow-wielding characters. Unlike other similarly powerful characters, Tartaglia allows Genshin Impact players to play in either his normal Ranged Stance or his Melee Stance by using his Elemental Skill.

Unfortunately, the playstyle of the 11th Harbinger of the Fatui has a serious flaw: he spends a lot of time in cooldown than in combat. Despite the fact that his whole kit depends around his Elemental Skill, its cooldown is the longest in the game. It not only reduces his team’s DPS, but it also compels players to use a Sub-DPS to cover for him.


Yoimiya is a figure that divides the Genshin Impact fanbase. Despite the fact that she is a Pyro character with high stats and skill, her Elemental Burst is not fit her playstyle as a main DPS.

Unfortunately, Yoimiya’s attacks are rendered almost useless by a number of main DPS characters. Yoimiya can thus be a lifeline for players who are short on damage-dealers, but he should not be considered a player’s top priority bow-wielder.


Venti’s stats are impressive enough on their own, but this bow using bard also has elemental skills that allow him to trigger practically infinite elemental reactions while also pulling enemies to one location. His Elemental Burst is especially beneficial for gathering enemies so that his teammates can take them out, but his Elemental Skill can also be utilized to keep enemies in check.

Venti’s Elemental Skill can also be used to lift gamers out of the way of smaller opponents or to reach high, difficult-to-reach areas. Simply told, Venti is a tough opponent and one of the best bow users in Genshin Impact.


No other character in the game can reliably deal the amount of raw damage that Ganyu can, as she is the game’s best DPS. With her Frostflake Arrows, she consistently deals a large amount of AOE damage. So far, only the Qilin has been able to accomplish so without difficulty, whilst other characters require a unique team composition and rotation in order to match Ganyu’s performance.

Ganyu also works well as a Sub-DPS or even a Cryo Support. During combat, she can keep her Elemental Burst at 100% uptime and apply Cryo indefinitely. Most players are only concerned with her Frostflake Arrows, but Ganyu Mains are aware that her Burst also deals significant damage.

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