Best Games to Buy in Activision Publisher Sale 2024



Do you want to purchase the best games from the Activision publisher sale 2024? Scroll down and find out the games with great deals and enthralling stories.

The Activision Sale for 2024 has begun. Activision, the publisher of many classic and iconic games continues to be on the top. The Steam sale featuring games published by Activision is live. Right from Call of Duty to Arcanum, plenty of games are featured in the sale. Here are the top games to purchase from the Activision publisher sale 2024 on Steam.

Top 5 Games to Buy in Activision Publisher Sale

5. Mini Golf Adventures

Activision Publisher Sale
Best Games to Buy in Activision Publisher Sale 2024 3

The 3D sports simulation game is fun and exciting. Ultra Mini Golf Adventures is one of the top games from the Activision publisher sale and the game is available at 67% discount. Play on 3D courses made with grasses, bridges, water hazards and bunkers. The game has a 4-player local multiplayer mode, 36 challenging holes, obstacles and mini-quests. You can play in different environments like Old West, Outer Space and Classic Carnival.

4. Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

The fantasy roleplaying game takes place in an open world. Arcanum is a battle between magic and technological gadgets. You can take up jobs like stealing, bribing and side-quests. Arcanum has turn-based and real-time battles in different game modes. You can use skills and melee weapons to defeat hostile enemies in the magical world.

In Arcanum, players can choose more than 80 sorcery spells and magic spells.  Skills like gambling and healing will be available from chapter one. Character’s playing style is based on the path you chose. Be it a magick or technology person, you have to utilize skills to progress in the campaign. Arcanum is available at 75% discount and the deal ends soon on steam.

3. Crash Bandicoot 

This 3D platformer game has cartoon characters and colorful visuals. Crash Bandicoot is a fun shooter game where two heroes fight against the villains to save the multiverse. Play as Coco and Crash to save the world from Neo Cortex and N. Tropy. Complete levels in every challenge and overcome boss fights using available skills. Crash Bandicoot has top-notch technical features and this makes it one of the best picks from the Activision Steam sale for 2024 at 50% offer.

2. Call of Duty: Black OPS III

The Zombie shooter game is one of the best releases from the makers of Call of Duty. COD Black OPS III is back to the Activision steam sale at 67%. With mind-blowing features, explosive weapons, and challenging missions, you can kick-start your adventure in the Zombies map. The bundle includes the deluxe edition of Zombies Chronicles along with the content expansion.

You can play COD Black OPS III with 3 friends through the co-op game mode. As you complete missions, you can use in-game tokens to purchase weapons and unlock new quests in the campaign. Once you complete the realistic difficulty mode, you can unlock the Nightmares mode which includes all missions in a new narrative.

1. Sekiro – Shadows Die Twice

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The story of Sekiro, a Shenobi, takes place in the Japanese regions. Shenobi otherwise called the Wolf is on a mission to hunt enemies of the samurai clan. The action adventure game features gripping challenges where the protagonist, Wolf, has to overcome tons of challenges against other kingdoms. Utilize skills and complete stealth-based combat against enemies. 

The story of Sekiro takes place in the early 1500s in the Sengoku Japan region. As you progress, your hero will be the target for many clans in the Sengoku. The boss rush game mode has many intriguing challenges and you can unlock cosmetic skins for the wolf after winning them.

These 5 games have unique content, gripping stories, and world-class features. The Activision publisher sale ends soon on Steam. Purchase these games on priority and you can buy other games as well.


What’s the Activision Publisher Sale?

The Activision sale on steam features classic action and adventure games published by the makers. You can purchase Call of Duty and other vintage games at great deals. The Activision sale will only be available for a couple of days.

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