Bel Air Season 3 Gets the Green Light! Will Smith’s Legacy Continues on Peacock!


Peacock Entertainment announced they have officially renewed bel air season 3 following Morgan Cooper’s viral short, which serves as its inspiration. Bel-Air Season 3 could release by February-April 2024.

Jabari Banks stars alongside Adrian Holmes, Cassandra Freeman, Olly Sholotan, Simone Joy Jones Daphne Maxwell Reid and Jimmy Akingbola in this exciting drama series.

Bel Air Season 3 release date
Bel Air Season 3 Gets the Green Light! Will Smith's Legacy Continues on Peacock! 2

Will Smith is on a remarkable journey from West Philadelphia to Bel-Air and back again, witnessing both racial tension and culture shock first-hand as well as experiencing life within black bourgeoisie society.

Vivian’s pregnancy

After an impressive Season 1, Bel-Air will return for another round of episodes. Peacock Entertainment recently renewed the series for another year due to audience reaction and strong fan support; Bel-Air managed to distinguish itself among numerous nostalgic reboots with its unique story.

Though primarily a drama, this show also manages to entertain and make you laugh with its incredible cast and writing team. Each episode covers an engaging arc.

Vivian faces an enormous obstacle this season: she’s expecting! While this pregnancy often plays into discussions of “can women have it all”, this season does an exceptional job at showing that Vivian can still perform her job effectively while managing motherhood.

The third season will likely debut between February-April 2024, following its predecessors. However, due to the writers’ strike – Carla Banks Waddles has made clear her support of this union by going on strike herself! – this release date could be delayed further.

Jabari Banks stars as Will, Adrian Holmes as Phillip, Cassandra Freeman plays Vivien, Olly Sholotan plays Carlton, Coco Jones plays Hilary, Akira Akbar plays Ashley, Jimmy Akingbola plays Geoffrey, and Jordan L. Jones plays Simone on this new take on Fresh Prince. This unique production has found an avid audience.

Will’s new job

After an exceptionally successful first season, Peacock announced today that they have renewed Bel-Air for a third. As their flagship series on streaming network Peacock TV, this show has received critical acclaim for its distinctive tone, outstanding performances, and compelling narrative – winning over audiences both newcomers and veterans alike. Adrian Holmes stars alongside Cassandra Freeman, Olly Sholotan Coco Jones Akira Akbar Jimmy Akingbola Jordan L Jones alongside guest appearances by both past and present Black artists alike!

Will Smith stars as Will Banks, but this series goes far beyond being just another rehash of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It tackles complex topics such as race, poverty, mental health and violence. Season 2 finds Will struggling with his identity while trying to balance family expectations with those from his roots and quickly clashing with Lou (Marlon Wayans), his biological father.

Carla Banks Waddles wrote and executive produced this series. Morgan Cooper also served as an executive producer alongside Anthony Sparks, Malcolm Spellman, Terence Carter, James Lassiter, Miguel Melendez Benny Medina Andy & Susan Borowitz, Quincy Jones as executive producers. Brooklyn McLinn of Cloak and Dagger will play basketball scout Doc Hightower while Jazlyn Martin from This Is Us will portray Jackie; rapper Saweetie will make an appearance as herself!

Hilary’s new job

Hilary is determined to forge her own path and become a culinary influencer, using her skills to uphold Black culture and influence creatives of color alike. This version of Hilary represents an improvement over her 90s counterpart, who was more of an unhelpful brat without marketable skills or any meaningful relationships.

Hilary makes her debut into social media when she assists Jazz (Jordan L. Jones) to build his following by recording him giving viewers a tour of his shop, but her stunt could backfire and damage her standing as an influencer. Luckily, Jazz stands by Hilary and offers another chance for success.

Love It or List It host and design expert Frederica “Freddy” Greene takes an unconventional approach in Hilary’s turn as interior renovation expert for her client looking to sell and move into another home, but challenges include uncooperative homeowners as well as plans by them to start raising a family in this space.

Hilary knows she can count on Freddy for assistance as well as her own team of specialists in order to turn things around quickly before things become unruly.

Tray’s visit

“PA to LA” in Bel-Air presented Will and Carlton with a challenge of both their loyalty and friendship. Tray visited Will at his mansion, remembering their time spent together in Philadelphia while also disapproving of Will’s new life in California. Together they discussed that they no longer share similar goals; also hinting that Lou could return.

Will unwraps one of the boxes to discover that his mom sent him some old sneakers from Philadelphia – including Jordan 5s which were his go-to sneaker during the original series. Additionally, this reunion provided insight into Will’s relationship with his father.

This episode also sees Hilary hosting an influencer party at Banks’ home, giving her an opportunity to impress her new roommates and promote her brand. Coco Jones plays Hilary confidently; unlike Karyn Parsons’ character she seems more self-assured; acting as role model for Ashley while confiding in Will, giving the duo another step towards creating the brotherly bonds fans of the original series know and love. Meanwhile Will finds himself struggling with how best to balance work life demands with family responsibilities.

Bel-Air Season 3 RenewalPeacock Entertainment officially renewed “Bel-Air” for season 3 following the success of the series, inspired by Morgan Cooper’s viral short. The show stars Jabari Banks, Adrian Holmes, and others, offering a unique take on the Fresh Prince story.
Season 2 HighlightsAfter an impressive Season 1, the series tackled complex topics such as race, poverty, mental health, and violence. Season 2 saw Will Banks struggling with his identity and clashing with his biological father, Lou, portrayed by Marlon Wayans.
Vivian’s PregnancySeason 3 will introduce new challenges, including Vivian’s pregnancy. The show effectively portrays Vivian’s ability to manage her job while navigating motherhood. The third season is expected to debut in 2024, though the writers’ strike may impact the release date.
Hilary’s New PathHilary embarks on a new journey to become a culinary influencer, focusing on upholding Black culture and influencing creatives of color. This version of Hilary is portrayed as more self-assured and represents an improvement over her 90s counterpart.
Tray’s VisitTray’s visit to Will’s mansion in California provided insight into their evolving friendship and goals. The episode also explored Will’s relationship with his father. Hilary hosts an influencer party, showcasing her confident character.


“Bel-Air” has successfully carved its own path in the retelling of the Fresh Prince story, tackling complex issues and offering a unique perspective. The renewal for a third season is a testament to its impact on audiences, and fans can look forward to more engaging episodes and character developments. With its compelling narrative and outstanding performances, “Bel-Air” continues to impress both newcomers and longtime fans. Bel-Air Season 3 could release by February-April 2024.