Baldur’s Gate 3: The Complete List of Origin Characters and Their Stories

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Want to know the history and stories of origin characters in Baldur’s Gate 3? Scroll down to find out the mind-blowing stories of Baldur’s Gate III Origins.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is the latest RPG from the Baldur’s Gate franchise. The party-based game action adventure has been launched for PC and Consoles. An intriguing adventure game where you have to complete stories in every act and defeating enemies like Mindflayer needs the best strategies. 

Baldur’s Gate 3 has only 12 levels right now and this may well be increased considering the game’s hype and reviews. The stories and characters of BG 3 have remained a mystery for a long time and finally it’s time to know about the game’s origin characters.

There are many characters and NPCs in the game, but only some of these are origin characters and each has a different story to say. The myths of every origin character will be astonishing to know. There are seven origin characters and they are all playable heroes and belong to different classes in the game as well. Here’s all about origin characters of Baldur’s Gate 3 and their stories.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Origin Characters and Stories!

Origins are pre-made custom characters and their storylines are different from others. There are seven origins who you can play as custom characters in the game. Here are their storylines and myths in the world of Baldur’s Gate III,

Baldur's Gate 3 Origins

The Dark Urge 

 A special origin that’s only exclusive to all custom characters in the game. The Dark Urge has gone through vigorous battles and was punished severely. Dark Urge is impulsive and aggressive. These traits are natural in his blood and can’t be controlled by anyone. The wounded warrior has returned like a phoenix and is raring to go in new combat with fully rejuvenated.

Dark Urge, the origin avatar can be selected from the game’s Character Creation section tab. There’s no particular race or class for this character as it’s fully customizable. You can collect The Urge, companion questline, from the Dark Origin characters exclusively. You can even romance Dark Urge in some stories.


 The wicked vampire served as a sadistic master for centuries, Astarion is freed and allowed to see the sun. He can walk, run, kill and take revenge on enemies. Astarion is a Rogue class companion and belongs to the High Elf race. He can be recruited to your party and his dexterity skills are top-notch.

Astarion has to overcome his past and this is not easy. Having gone through nightmares, Astarion is up for another challenge in his 2.0 version. Astarion was a Vampire spawn in his past decade and is now a skilful warrior and one of the game’s companions as well. You can find Astarion in Act one on the Southwest portion of the Ravaged Beach. Also, there will be a time where you can romance Astarion.


The Githyanki Fighter is back as a warrior after spending decades of years as a monster. She’s naturally aggressive and ferocious. Lae’Zel has to survive in a world where everyone is hostile towards her.

She has to overcome contempt and prove everyone in a new world. Players of Baldur’s Gate III can meet Lae’Zel during the prologue at Nautiloid. Also, she can be recruited again to your party at the Ravaged Beach.


 The story of Gale is unique. He wanted to rule the continent of Faerûn as a magical wizard. But he’s solely responsible for his own downfall. His greed for magic led to a collapse and it was never easy for him to bounce back. Gale’s ambition remained an ambition yet.

 Known as the goddess of magic, Gale was shot down by an orb that’s an instant explosion. His redemption has begun already and players can recruit gale from the Roadside Cliffs waypoint in the Ravaged Beach during act 1. The wizard belongs to the human race and is ready to give it all for his people.


 Shadowheart, the audacious Cleric from High Elf likes to take risks. She was offered a huge and risky task that involved stealing an exclusive item with great powers. She’s one among shar’s dark disciples and a force to reckon with. Her magical powers were used to slay monsters and demons that only brought curse to the world.

Her bravery and faith have only earned hatred among others. There’s an unknown secret about her which remains a secret yet. She’s back in a new avatar as a companion and you can recruit her to your squad from act 1 itself. Shadowheart is a true fighter and here’s the strongest build for her.


 Karlach, the Zariel Tiefling Barbarian, just escaped from hell, nightmare and curse. She is liberated from the arch devil, but still she has to forget those nightmarish incidents. The infernal engine still resonates in her ears and her heart still remains there. Karlach is an explorer and was experiencing a hell of a life for almost a decade.

With more resilience, Karlach is ready to serve people as a companion in the game’s act one from the Risen Road of Blighted Village. Karlach is a playable character and can assist in dealing damage. 


Wyll is noble and magnanimous by heart.  He fought hard against devils and finally escaped the hellish bargain. His dominance against those brutal monsters in the Sword Coast is still remembered and will also be remembered for ages. He left a legacy that no one is yet to conquer. 

The Sword Coast is located west of the Faerûn continent and those living here still keep praising his traits and skills. Warlock fondly called The Blade of Heroics is a mighty warrior who never shies away from combat. His fiery skills can be utilized for battles as this companion is available in act 1 from the goblin raid in druid grove.

That’s everything you need to know about the Baldur’s Gate III character origins and their storylines. There are also many more companions and NPCs in BG 3, but they all belong to the non-origin characters category list. You can recruit all companions to your squads for combat and also romance these companions.

Everyone has a different story and some of these can be a myth. But that doesn’t stop one from recruiting these powerful companions to their teams. We will come back with more Baldur’s Gate 3 guides soon.

Frequently Asked Question

What are Scrolls in BG 3?

Scrolls, the consumable items can be used to read and also learn about new spells. You can get them from chests, book rows, traders, NPCs, merchants and desks. Scrolls in Baldur’s Gate 3 can be used one time to unleash any spell and you can use it later to learn all about those magical spells in the game.

Which is the best Baldur’s Gate III Race?

There are over 20 races in Baldur’s Gate III. Every race functions in a unique way. You can go with Elf, Human, Githyanki, Tieflings or even Half-Orc. Halfling race is another best option as well.

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