Asmongold’s Girlfriend: Everything you need to know about his Partner And Dating Life In 2023 


Asmongold is not dating anyone.

Asmongold’s Girlfriend: Everything you need to know about his Partner And Dating Life In 2023  2

Asmongold’s real name is Zack and he was born on April 20, 1990, in the United States.

He has kept much of his personal life private, so specific details about his family and early life are not widely available.

Asmongold gained fame as a popular Twitch streamer and content creator, primarily known for his World of Warcraft gameplay and in-depth commentary.

His humorous and informative approach to streaming has earned him a large and dedicated following in the gaming community.

Asmongold’s entertaining content and his deep knowledge of the games he plays have made him a significant presence in the world of online gaming and live streaming.

Asmongold is an accomplished gamer who streams on Twitch. His following on the platform has grown rapidly due to his World of Warcraft content, while he has also made appearances on YouTube and Google+.

Asmongold once had an ongoing romance with Pink Sparkles, another popular streamer. However, their relationship ultimately failed after one and a half years together.

Asmongold and Pink Sparkles

Asmongold, an acclaimed video game streamer and vlogger, is one of the world’s best-known gamers. His gaming videos have millions of viewers around the globe; yet not much is known about his personal life or potential partners he may have in his gaming videos. Many fans of Asmongold’s have inquired as to his romantic history; so here, we will examine Asmongold’s dating history to ascertain who his current significant other may be.

Asmongold and Pink Sparkles, two fellow video game streamers, had been in a relationship for around 18 months prior to parting ways for unknown reasons. Both parties seem to have many followers so any change must have been difficult for either.

What is Asmongold’s Girlfriend Name?

Asmongold is a well-known American video gamer and streamer who has gained great acclaim online. He’s most notable for playing World of Warcraft Classic on Twitch and YouTube, where his presence attracts massive followings; his personal life remains private but remains prominent due to such fan base growth. He keeps an open and talkative persona while maintaining privacy around personal matters such as sexuality.

Asmongold recently disclosed on Twitter that she was dating Pink Sparkles, another video game streamer and Instagram influencer from Austin Texas. They dated for several months until parting ways – she later revealed on Twitter that she was experiencing depression due to living conditions there.

Reasons behind their split remain unknown, although it was evident they weren’t satisfied together. Furthermore, it remains uncertain whether they remain close; Asmongold has not discussed or confirmed if they remain chummy in his videos.

Asmongold has chosen not to share much personal information about himself or his family with his fans on social media and does not even maintain a website for himself, preferring instead to keep his private life under wraps despite some criticism. His fans do not appreciate this decision because, unlike some YouTubers, Asmongold does not encourage questions regarding his personal life from fans; nor disclose details regarding any romantic affairs with anyone other than close family and close friends. Furthermore, Asmongold has yet to respond to rumors concerning either himself or his partner as it would unfair for both parties involved to be judged by people unfamiliar with both parties involved based on information available to outsiders who know neither one better.

Asmongold and Izzy

Asmongold is a renowned Twitch streamer with over one million subscribers to his channel, known for his World of Warcraft gameplay and chit-chat videos. Additionally, Asmongold co-founded One True King content creators organization. Most recently he was dating Pink Sparkles but recently they have parted ways and it has been hard for fans to keep up with them due to both of them remaining silent about their private lives.

Who Is Asmongold Dating Now? As of 2022, Asmongold remains single. Since his breakup with ex-partner Pink Sparkles last December, which proved contentious at best. Pink Sparkles announced her and Asmongold’s split via tweets wherein she claimed depression caused by living in Austin was becoming too much and that she would move back home to California and take time for healing her mental health.

Although Asmongold remains single, he hasn’t stopped streaming or creating content. His passion for gaming keeps him coming up with new chit-chat ideas for viewers during streams; Asmongold will often speak about current projects or share updates via YouTube on these streams.

Asmongold not only enjoys gaming but has an enthusiastic interest in music as well. He has composed multiple songs and even hosted various musical events and concerts in Poland during his free time. Furthermore, Asmongold enjoys traveling and spending time with friends.

Asmongold’s girlfriend, Pink Sparkles is an accomplished Polish-American social media influencer who has found immense fame as a World of Warcraft streamer and YouTuber. A member of the One True King community and content creator for OnlyFans, she previously taught in Poland before turning to gaming and streaming as her primary form of income; currently streaming League of Legends and World of Warcraft; with over one million combined followers between both channels combined; she is also well known as an emote model on Twitch!

Full NameAsmongold
ProfessionTwitch streamer and vlogger
Notable AchievementsKnown for World of Warcraft content
Relationship StatusSingle
Notable Ex-GirlfriendPink Sparkles

Dating History

Asmongold, a renowned Twitch streamer, was previously in a relationship with Pink Sparkles, another popular streamer. However, their relationship ended after 18 months.


Pink Sparkles, also a popular streamer, was in a relationship with Asmongold. She is a well-known social media influencer, specializing in World of Warcraft and League of Legends streams.


As of 2023, Asmongold is single. After parting ways with Pink Sparkles, he has chosen to keep his private life away from the public eye, focusing on his streaming and content creation career. Asmongold is not dating anyone.