ARK Survival Ascended Ceratosaurus – ARK Gets a Savage Injection with the Arrival of the Ceratosaurus!


ARK Survival Ascended Ceratosaurus is coming and here’s everything you need to know about this creature.

ARK Survival Ascended players should get ready to face a new top predator: the fierce Ceratosaurus is coming to the base game! This scary creature, which comes from Garuga123’s famous ARK: Additions mod, is sure to upset the established order and test even the most experienced Survivors.

The ARK Survival Ascended Ceratosaurus

When it comes to hiding in wild jungles and wide fields, the ARK Survival Ascended Ceratosaurus is a powerful creature. This mean creature has a lot of dangerous spines that are filled with poison and can cause its victims to lose a lot of blood quickly. On the other hand, this horrible talent has two sides. Tamed Ceratosaurus have the unique ability to turn this bleeding into bursts of energy that heal them and their other hungry friends. They are also very fast, making them some of the fastest mounts you can find. This makes them great for getting around the vast ARK landscapes.

Garuga’s ARK: Additions Come to Life

The ARK Survival Ascended Ceratosaurus is the first of many creatures from Garuga’s ARK: Additions mod that will be added to ARK Survival Ascended. This exciting partnership adds new challenges and chances to the game, making it more fun for players by adding different and unique creatures. The ARK Survival Ascended Ceratosaurus should show up by the middle of May, so get your spears ready to fight this amazing creature! Stay tuned, because next week another exciting creature will be shown for the first time, along with the Ceratosaurus.

Premium Mods Get an Unrestricted Upgrade

As the release date for Premium Mods on devices gets closer, the ARK team is aware that some people are worried about what might be limited on Unofficial Servers. As it was first designed, the method limited access to servers that used Premium Mods, which was not what was meant. Together with Overwolf, the creators are determined to fix this problem.

A big change will give UGC Creators more power this summer: they will be able to make “Unrestricted Premium Mods.” This means that Creators can make paid mods that let players join servers that run them, even if they haven’t bought the mod itself. Creators can instead decide who can see what information in the mod. 

For instance, a weapon pack mod could stop players from making or using certain weapons without kicking them off the server completely. This gives Creators more control over their work and makes sure that more people in the Unofficial Server community can view it. Thank you from the ARK team to the community for your helpful comments, which is still shaping the future of ARK modding.

Cross-Platform Modding Continues to Flourish

With the addition of the specialized Mod-bowser that is directly built into the game, the ARK Survival Ascended mod scene is thriving. This cool new feature lets gamers on all devices download and play a huge amount of new custom content, such as maps, creatures, items, and game modes. 

The Mod-bowser promises a never-ending stream of new material that will push the limits of the ARK experience by letting the community’s creativity run wild. Check back every week as we feature more Cross-Platform Mods that show off the creativity and skill of the ARK hacking community.

Bonus Rates This Weekend!

Bonus rates
Bonus rates

Get your tools in good shape and get ready to work this weekend! Up until Monday, May 6th, the Official Network will get extra rates, which gives you a chance to speed up your progress:

PVP/PVE: Double the amount of farming, taming, experience, and breeding. Small tribes: 4.5 times the amount of farming, taming, experience, and breeding. ARK: Apocalypse: 5 times farming, taming, getting experience, and breeding

This weekend, enjoy the exciting arrival of the ARK Survival Ascended Ceratosaurus. You can also explore the exciting possibilities of Unrestricted Premium Mods and the world of Cross-Platform Mods, which is always growing. Thanks to the innovation and passion of its dedicated community, ARK’s future looks like it will have even more rich and varied game play.

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