Are WWE Matches Scripted?


Many of us enjoy watching WWE Matches for an extended period, but the million-dollar question is whether these matches are scripted or not?

WWE, or World Wrestling Entertainment, was founded in the 1950s with WWF. We have seen some extreme moments and extraordinary encounters in WWE throughout the years. Here we get to a conclusion as to whether the matches are scripted or not.

1. Are WWE Matches Scripted?

Yes, WWE is fake to an extent, and everything is scripted entirely. The results of the match are pre-decided. The wrestlers partially follow a script in whatever they do and what they speak. WWE even consists of professional writers as well.

However, the action that you see and the jumps are not fake. They are professionally trained to do this. The cuts, bruises and sweat are pretty authentic. WWE Superstars maintains good acting skills.

They produce plans for the match’s outcome according to the popularity of the current superstar. They are highly skilled to perform stunts. Even though everyone there knows the match’s outcome, breaking of tables, and jumping from ladders are not fake. The WWE wrestlers put 100% into their fight.

2. Are WWE Jump’s real?

As per Vibely When the wrestler starts to jump from the top of the ladder to jump on the lying wrestler. The jump and impact that both the bodies will face are real. But the wrestlers start their training by learning how to jump on each other and fall safely. The dive and slam fall from the ladder’s top or cage are real. 

The superstars do everything to protect one another. They try their best not to deliver a real punch or kick and mostly use the ring to create the sound of the punch impact by stomping on the mat.

They often protect each other during slams, suplexes, and high-impact moves. As a result, they save each other from getting injured. 

3. WWE Stunts Staged

The ring is often filled with blood, which is quite natural, but it is pre-planned during the training and scripting of the game. 

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Eddie Guerrero against JBL at Judgement Day (Fanbyte)

Wrestlers have often seen hiding blades or sharp objects in the wristband and cutting themselves at an appropriate time to bring the thrill required for the match, which increases the excitement. During a match between Eddie Guerrero and JBL, the former cut himself too deep that the blood was continuously coming out, which resulted in the game being dismissed. They often use blood capsules to fake the effect of coughing up blood.

 4. WWE Fights real? 

Infamous injury hoax, a wrestler generally uses kayfabe to get injuries. Then, they sell a fake injury as a part of the script or for a storyline between the match.

 Directors often tell wrestlers to be fake an injury to bring some thrill into the ring. However, stamina, endurance and risk-taking should be highly appreciated. 

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Daniel Bryan against CM Punk (Bleacher Report)

In 1989, Vince McMahon publicly acknowledged this predetermined aspect of professional wrestling. Instead, he brands the product of his sports as sports entertainment that combines wrestling action and drama for entertainment.

Some real experiences of fights where the superstars got hurt are,

The Undertaker throwing Mankind off the “Hell in a Cell” steel structure, Jeff Hardy’s high flying moves from ladders. 

5. Conclusion 

The conclusion is that WWE is a mixture of both. It is fake and scripted to the most extent; however, the bruises, wounds, and blood are real. It is a mixture of TV Drama, sport, athleticism, stage combat, storytelling, and more. It is just like Hollywood shows but a little more real than them.

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