Are we getting a Borderlands 4 announcement soon?


This article discusses about Borderlands 4 which is a highly anticipated game fans have been eagerly waiting for

According to newly discovered material, Borderlands 4, the much awaited successor to the first-person shooter, may arrive sooner than most fans had thought. The run-and-gun shooter series developed by Gearbox Software and 2K Sports became well-known because to its absurd humor, precise controls, and the abundance of weaponry available to players in the games.

Borderlands 4 Reveal?

Do I have a tale for you if you’re wondering if Borderlands 4 will ever come out. In fact, Gearbox Enterprises President Randy Pitchford has revealed that the studio is working on Borderlands 4. He claims to be working on some incredible projects and has requested the assistance of knowledgeable individuals to help develop the upcoming Borderlands game.

It was also reported that Borderlands 3, the most recent game in the series, will arrive on the Nintendo Switch early next month. It appears that Borderlands 4 will release sooner rather than later, based on a recent finding.

Borderlands 4
Borderlands Screenshot

In the community, there is much debate over whether Gearbox Software is still working on Borderlands 4. Since they completed Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and Borderlands 3 is no longer receiving post-launch DLC. The next natural question to ask is, “Is Borderlands 4 under development?”

It won’t be all that startling if this idea comes to pass because a former employee of Gearbox stated on his LinkedIn profile last year that he worked on Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands 2 and Borderlands 4. After that, he changed the data, but the internet keeps track of everything.

Since the company has been searching for developers for years, it’s likely that Borderlands 4 is in the works even though job postings don’t say which titles the candidates will be working on. It should be noted that the announcement may not be what most people believe because a movie version is also being developed at the same time.

Borderlands in-game screenshot

Borderlands 4 Teaser

The looter-shooter aspects in the Borderlands series are renowned for their distinct, cartoonish aesthetic. Given that the most recent installment, Borderlands 3, was released in 2019, it’s time fot this massive franchise to make a comeback with its newest installment.

Coming to the video posted by the official Borderlands X account,  why would they randomly post a “story so far video” on their account? The last time they did this, Borderlands 3 was announced eventually and the game was released. Focus on the “to be continued” part of they video. Is Borderlands 4 right around the corner? My personal theory is that this is just a teaser for fans to expect but this might also mean that the game might release sooner rather than later.

compatible Tiny Tinas Wonderlands 01
Borderlands Tiny Tina’s Wonderland Screenshot

Maybe in the fall of 2024? All of the mainline Borderlands games follow a specific release window in the fall, so yes, in the coming months expect a lot of news about Borderlands 4 and its speculation. Adios for now folks, happy looting in Borderlands.

How many Borderlands games are released?

There are 9 different games released in the Borderlands franchise.

What is the anticipated release date of Borderlands 4?

The leaks, reveals and teases point at a release date in the fall on 2024, 5 years after the release of Borderlands 3.

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