Are Cindy and Taylor Baking Impossible dating? Truth about their relationship uncovered


Are Cindy and Taylor of Baking Impossible dating? Exploring the relationship between the pair

Baking Impossible has no limits from sushi-themed chocolate creations to fantasy boats with dragons with wings. Even so, it still has to crown its winner at some point. Cindy and Taylor are one of those contestants who have shown tremendous creativity. But there are several rumours that they could be dating now. Let us find out more about their love life. 

Who are Cindy and Taylor?

So, Taylor is an engineer while Cindy is a keen baker. For Taylor, it was more like a side hobby. They both competed as a team on Baking Impossible together.

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Cindy is a professional Baker and has won many reality shows on Baking (StarsUnfold)

Cindy is from Roseville and San Jose. She has a wealth of experience on cooking shows like Food Network’s The Big Bake episode 3, and Cake All. She has won both of her debuts on these shows.

Taylor is from San Francisco. He is a contract researcher in Accenture Labs Future Technology Group, prototyping and exploring Smart Materials. He has also worked at Deeplocal where he made interactive engineered systems such as making robots for Google. 

Baking Impossible
Taylor is a contract researcher and part-time Baker (Instagram)

Many fans have tried their best to find out whether they are dating in real life. After looking through their Instagram and Twitter viewers are incredibly eager to find out if Cindy and Taylor are romantically linked or not. 

Here are some of the tweets from the fans:

Pls tell me Cindy & Taylor are together in real life after this show #BakingImpossible

Is there sexual tension between Cindy & Taylor or am I just projecting? #BakingImpossible

Cindy & Taylor are they together already? E6



Are Cindy and Taylor of Baking Impossible dating? 

Fans will be disappointed to know that this Baking Impossible duo are not dating. Cindy is in a relationship with a guy called Jason, with whom she recently got a new puppy called Tater Tot Nelson.

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Are Cindy and Taylor of Baking Impossible dating? (Celebs Top News)

They appear to have been dating for a while. She routinely posts adorable photos of Jason on Instagram. Currently active on Instagram with the handle @cindyslittlecakery is Cindy Nagar. She has 1,481 posts and 60k followers.

Baking Impossible Cindy
Cindy with her boyfriend Jason (Instagram)

Taylor on the other hand is single. Even though there have been several comments on his Instagram page about him dating Cindy as many noticed their chemistry on the show. 

Are Cindy and Taylor of Baking Impossible dating?
Are Cindy and Taylor of Baking Impossible dating? (Reality Blurred)

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