Archero Tier List – May 2022


Here is our Archero Tier List to help you choose the best characters, weapons, and all items in the game. Let’s jump into it!

Habby, a popular action game developer for both mobile and desktop platforms, is behind Archero. Archero is a story about an archer who is alone in an unknown land and must combat evil to safeguard it. It’s all about strategy and talents in this game. You may make the game more exciting by unlocking new combos and discovering new things by winning every match. You can also put them to the test by facing a variety of monsters in the game. Keep in mind that the most important elements in the game are your abilities, items, and weaponry.

The Archero Tier List advises you about the game’s finest performers as well as the best equipment (abilities, weapons, pets, rings, and so on) that may be selected to make those characters more strong. As you progress through the chapters, more heroes and abilities become available. There are a lot of these powers and heroes. Choosing the best from among them is a difficult process. Furthermore, developers occasionally add new characters and equipment, making it even more crucial to stay current.

Archero Heroes tier list

When choosing a hero, the most vital factor to consider is how unique and viable their ability is. When it comes to outplaying your opponent, this is really important.

SRyan, Sylvan, Shade, Ayana, Lina, Shingen, Ophelia
ATaranis, Helix, Phoren, Bonnie, Urasil, Rolla, Meowgik, Onir
BShari, Atreus, Aquea

Archero Pets Tier List

Pets in Archero will help you to choose the best spellbook and ring combination.

SLaser Bat, Flaming Ghost
ANoisy Owl, Elf, Scythe Mage
BLiving Bomb
archero heroes

Archero Spellbook Tier List

The top tier ones are the most popular and, on average, outperform the others. Before selecting a spellbook, keep in mind the hero’s abilities.

S Tier – Ice Realm, Enlightenment Spellbook, Art of Combat Spellbook

A Tier – Arcane Adventure

Archero Ring Tier List

Archero rings are vital for boosting the playability of the heroes since they allow you to activate three different effects when you utilize them. And they are rare, base and epic effects.

SSerpent Ring, Lion Ring, Bull Ring
AWolf Ring, Falcon Ring
BBear Ring

Archero Ability Tier List

Ability play the most significant function in Archero out of all the other qualities. The first step in starting your adventure with your Archer is to give them a special ability.

S TierA TierB Tier
MultishotShield GuardBolt Star
RicochetDwarfBolt Strike
Invincibility StarAgilitySpirit MultiShot
Front ArrowFreezeBolt Meteor
RageAttack BoostBlazing Meteor
WingmanSmartBlazing Star
Extra LifeDodge MasterRear Arrow
Slow ProjectileGiantDeath Bomb
GraceHP BoostDeath Nova
Dark TouchSpirit BlazeSide Arrow
Piercing ShotFurySwords
Holy TouchSpirit BoltCircles
BlazeSpeed PlusSummon OneEyed Bat
Diagonal ArrowsHP Gain AuraToxic Meteor
BoltPoison TouchFire Strike
Spirit Poisoned TouchCrit MasterToxic Strike
Speed AuraWater WalkerToxic Star
Through The WallStrong HeartFrost Strike
Crit PlusHeadshotChilling Blast
HP PlusSpirit Front Arrow
Spirit FreezeFrost Star
Crit AuraShadow Clown
Attack Speed BoostFrost Meteor
Bouncy Ball
Attack Plus
s tier archero

Archero Armor Tier List

The six different types of armor are ranked based on the protection that they provide. The defense and base HP stats are considered.

SBright Robe, Shadow Robe, Vest of Dexterity
APhantom Cloak, Golden Chestplate
BVoid Robe

Archero Lockets Tier List

Lockets also rarities based on their effects. The rarities are base, great, rare, epic, perfect epic and legendary.

SAngel Locket
AAgile Locket, Piercer Locket, Bloodthirsty Locket
BIron Locket, Bulletproof Locket
archero a tier hero

Archero Bracelet Tier List

Choose from six rarities and double-check their effects before putting them to use. Bracelets deal random damage and must be chosen according to the hero’s abilities in order to deal more damage and use the effects.

SInvincible Bracelet
AFrozen Bracelet, Quickshot Bracelet, Thunder BraceletBlazing Bracelet
BSplit Bracelet

Archero Weapons Tier List

Weapons and Abilities are the most important part of Archero. Selecting the best weapons and abilities for your hero is winning half the game. So choose wisely.

SStalker Staff, Brave Bow, Gale Force, Saw Blade, Brightspear, Demon Blade, Gale Force
ATornado, Death Scythe, Stalker Staff
BDeath Scythe, Brave Bow

Players can use this as a guide to select the best combinations of heroes and artifacts. You can also check out our Crash Fever Tier List and BlazBlue Central Fiction Tier List. You can download Archero from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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