Arcane Odyssey Magic Tier List (March 2023)

Here is our Arcane Odyssey Magic Tier List with all the best magics ranked according to their stats, powers, and more.

Arcane Odyssey is an action adventure on Roblox. Arcane Odyssey from the developers vetexgames is live and you can get access to the early access version of the game currently. An epic journey awaits you in the magical and fantasy world of the Arcane Odyssey. Your role as a fighter is to explore islands and war seas to tussle against other enemies in this magic-polluted world. You will be trapped in conflicts and your role is to defeat other enemies to restore your kingdoms and organizations. Save the lives of innocent people and travel across various nations to fight against dark magical enemies.

You can also play with your friends and travel across the entire magical nations which include the islands, seas, and other places. Build your clans and save your kingdom, upgrade your castles, and be the ruler of your clan. Arcane Odyssey has many features in its early access beta version and new content will also be added soon. In this world of magic, you come across various people and enemies. There are many weapons and builds in Arcane Odyssey, Magics are an integral part of your journey and combat. Magic, Weapons, and Fighting Styles are the three main components for every new combat and battle in the game. You can equip magic to upgrade your powers in the game. Here are the best magics in Arcane Odyssey from our latest Arcane Odyssey Magic Tier List. Check our guide to find the best magics in the game.

Arcane Odyssey Magic Tier list
Island Location

Arcane Odyssey Magic Tier List – Best Magics to Use

Here is our magic tier list and the best magics to use in Arcane Odyssey.

  • S Tier – The best magic of Arcane Odyssey that can also deal huge magical damage for a long time. Utilize these with the best weapons in the game.
  • A Tier – After S Tier, A Tier magics are the best to go within Arcane Odyssey. The destruction and duration of the effects of these magics are also great.
  • B Tier – B Tier magics have average to good stats and you can use them with the most powerful weapons in Arcane Odyssey
  • C Tier – The weakest magic in Arcane Odyssey are placed in this C Tier list. You can just simply ignore them.

S Tier

Fire MagicBase
Water MagicBase
Crystal MagicBase
Explosion MagicBase
Earth Magic Base

A Tier

Snow MagicBase
Ash MagicBase
Light MagicBase
Wind Magic Base
Shadow Magic Base

B Tier

Flare Magic Lost
Plasma Magic Base
Poison MagicBase
Wood Magic Base
Magma Magic Base
Metal MagicBase

C Tier

Sand Magic Base
Lightning MagicBase
Glass Magic Base
Acid MagicBase
Ice Magic Base

Every magic in Arcane Odyssey can deal massive magical damage. And each of these has different skills, stats, and powers. The abilities of magics in Arcane Odyssey keep changing. Every magic also has magic speed and destruction effects. The best magic in Arcane Odyssey can be identified by the magic size and duration of their effects. As of now, the best magics to utilize on Arcane Odyssey are Poison, Fire, Explosion, Magma, and Metal magics.

With this, our guide on the Arcane Odyssey Magic tier list with all the best magics in the game is done. Use these magics to defeat your enemies. We will come back with more Arcane Odyssey guides and updates soon.

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