In Apex Legends, it’s no secret that some Legends are better than others. As a result, we came up with this Apex Legends Character tier list.

Apex Legends’ intense battle royale battles are made even more fascinating by its diverse roster of legendary characters, each of which brings its own set of talents and assets to team compositions. There will always be a few characters who sit atop the game’s meta and a few who fall short of brilliance, even with a decent variety of defensive, offensive, support, and recon characters available to choose from.

Players in Apex Legends are split into three-person squads and thrown onto an island, where they must scrounge for weapons and supplies to survive. The playable area steadily shrinks as the game proceeds, driving participants closer together until just one person or team remains.

Apex Legends Character Tier List

Players can select characters that best fit their personality or mix and match to create the ideal squad for each game mode. We’ve put together an Apex Legends character tier list to assist you to decide which characters and weapons to utilize. Let’s have a peek at what’s in it now!

S Tier Legends

These legends are essential members of any team, and they have few, if any, minor flaws.


Bloodhound is one of the most popular characters in the game, with a high win rate. This is due to their impressive arsenal of skills, the best of which is a tactical one that scans foes through barriers and broadcasts their whereabouts to all teammates. They can also track the whereabouts of foes on the ground to discover engagements, and their ultimate boosts their speed and reduces the time it takes for their tactical ability to recharge. There isn’t a better recon character on your team than this one and that is why he ranks so high on our Apex Legends Character Tier List.


Her passive, which lets her know when she’s being watched, is a helpful but uninteresting feature. Her tactical and ultimate skills, on the other hand, provide substantial mobility and utility. The former is easily one of the game’s best abilities, offering her invulnerability and a 30% speed increase to aid her in resetting fights that haven’t gone well for her. The latter is a portal that she and her allies can use to reorient themselves when they are stuck in a difficult scenario.


Valkyrie’s mobility is unrivaled because of her jetpack, which allows her to reposition herself regularly and reach heights that no other character could hope for. The ability to redeploy to a new region with her ultimate is quite useful for rotations, and it also has the added benefit of telling you where adversaries are out in the open. Meanwhile, her tactical has a massive AOE that stuns and harms enemies, making her ideal for luring someone out of cover.


His gun shield allows him to deflect some opponent gunfire, effectively increasing his health pool by 50 points. Meanwhile, his deployable bubble is one of the game’s strongest abilities, sheltering teammates for 12 seconds while they rez, heal, or reposition. That’s before we get into how his ultimate wreaks havoc on other teams for massive damage and area denial. Gibraltar is a beast on the battlefield, especially when you consider that he suffers 15% less damage from all weaponry.

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A Tier Legends

These legends do an excellent job in their particular jobs, but they may have one or two flaws that prevent them from being the best of the best.


Octane players may be a great asset to their teams because their tactical skill allows them to have near-constant increased speed to help them get to fights or reposition quickly. Of course, it costs him a significant amount of health each time, which he slowly recovers with his passive ability. His ultimate puts out a jump pad that the squad can utilize to gain height or bridge big distances, and it recharges swiftly so it can be used multiple times.


His grapple is one of the most diverse movement abilities in the game, and it rewards high-skill play with massive rewards. Meanwhile, his ultimate may be utilised to transport him and his teammates to new locations on a regular basis, and it’s particularly useful for crossing horizontal gaps.


Although Ash is new to the Apex Legends roster, she has already shown to be a serious contender. Though aiming it at any range can be difficult, her tactical ability can be extremely useful for blocking doors and slowing people down. Her ultimate takes some consideration to deploy right, but her ability to teleport to different areas so quickly makes her an excellent choice for flankers. Finally, having the ability to track player deaths around the battlefield can assist teams in making better rotations.

B Tier Legends

These legends are excellent choices that can be quite useful in specific situations, particularly in the hands of talented players, but they lack some utility and that stops them from being higher on our tier list.


Her tactical ability is a faster version of Wraith’s and Pathfinder’s ultimate powers combined. In a couple of seconds, she can get herself and her crew to high ground. Because of the various vertical spaces in the Olympus and World’s Edge maps, this ability is particularly handy. Her ultimate ability is ideal for ambushing or luring an enemy squad out of cover. To get the most out of it, throw it down and then throw some grenades.


Her passive ability lets her to run swiftly when shot at, and her ultimate is ideal for denying access to outside areas. While her smokes are great for covering a rez or escaping, they may be a big burden to your team if deployed in or around gunfights, clouding their vision and making a complete mess.


Rampart went from being a bottom-tier character to a respectable selection for defensive-minded players after receiving a buff in Season 10. When firing through her supercharged walls, she gains extra cover and some increased damage, while her passive makes her especially lethal when using LMGs, a class of weaponry that is already recognised for being quite effective. Her greatest weapon, Sheila, a massive gatling cannon, may now be utilised while on the move. It does, however, considerably slow her down, allowing good opponents to easily outflank her.


His gas traps are fantastic for area denial, especially when he has the opportunity to set up a bevvy of them in a building or other constrained environment. His ultimate may also be used to push teams out of cover while also providing cover for healers and rezzes. Unfortunately, his large hitbox makes him a disadvantage in open settings, and he requires close quarters to attain his full effectiveness.


Her passive ability allows her to see purple objects through walls and within bins, while her ultimate ability allows her and her allies to sift through all nearby loot for up to two items each and as much ammo as they can carry. In actuality, her tactical ability, a bracelet that can be thrown and warped to, feels lackluster and clunky, but it can be quite useful when trying to escape.


Her electric fences can cause chaos for aggressive teams trying to close in on her, and her ultimate is a pylon that recharges shields and destroys incoming ordnance, making it harder for opposing squads to eject her team from their spot. Wattson, despite her utility, requires a lot of setup time to establish a major stronghold and doesn’t provide much in the way of offensive, therefore she isn’t a must-have for most teams.

C Tier Legends

These legends can certainly help teams win in the appropriate scenarios, but they might benefit from some substantial upgrades to bring them up to par with much better legends.


Seer had a good start when it was first released, but a string of nerfs has sent this recon-focused character to the bottom. In some instances, Seer’s ability to see nearby foes’ heartbeats can be valuable, and his tactics can be used to disturb adversaries who are healing or rezzing. Unfortunately, his ultimate is too situational, and many teams know to duck within it to escape detection – or easily destroy it at the sphere’s center.


With his cluster bombs, Fuse can deliver some extremely irritating area denial, especially considering how rapidly they reload. Unfortunately, the rest of his equipment is quite uninteresting, particularly his passive, which just allows him to carry an extra grenade in each area and shoot them faster. His ultimate performs marginally better by trapping enemies in a circle of fire, but it’s quite easy to escape for many legends and thus only serves as a minor stumbling block on rare occasions.


His double-speed crouching is ideal for sneaking up on teams, and his ability to scale structures discreetly can be exploited to make some amazing plays. His tactical ability is a great silence that prevents adversaries from activating their own abilities. Unfortunately, his ultimate, a totem that teleports you back to it when you take damage, is weaker than it should be, and it frequently results in little more than showing to everyone exactly where you are and where you’ll be once they inflict some damage to you.


Due to her ultimate, which creates a care package full of high-tier gear like purple shields and attachments, Lifeline was previously one of the most sought-after characters in the game. However, Lifeline’s attractiveness has waned as other characters have contributed significantly more to the story. Her healing bot comes in handy in a crisis, and her hands-off rez allows you to keep fighting while your teammates recover.


Trickster Mirage has a fun kit that lets him send out and control a decoy, and his ultimate ability creates a large number of these decoys in an area around him while also providing him a brief time of invisibility. However, as much fun as it is to deceive enemy teams, Mirage simply lacks team utility, and his trickery doesn’t compensate for his lack of mobility.


Since its launch, Crypto has been in a bad spot, and things have only gotten worse for this drone-flying legend. While his drone can be extremely useful for spying, operating it exposes him to enemy gunfire. He is also affected by his ultimate ability, which generates an EMP blast that stuns enemies and deals 50 damage to their shields. As a result, he must keep out of the EMP’s range, which means he misses out on the first push on enemies.

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