Apex Legends Ballistic Abilities, Best Weapons, and Playstyle Explained


In this guide, we will learn everything about Apex Legends Ballistic, provide tips and tricks, and recommend the best weapons to maximize your performance.

Ballistic is a new attacking Legend introduced in Apex Legends Season 17. At first glance, Ballistic bears a remarkable resemblance to Kuben Blisk, the founder of the Apex Games. Blisk, who serves as a primary antagonist in the Titanfall series and holds significant importance in the lore of Apex Legends, has been the subject of numerous rumors suggesting his entry into the Apex Games.

However, despite the speculation that preceded his introduction, Ballistic is not Blisk; his true name is August Brinkman. During his younger days, Brinkman gained fame as the youngest champion of the Thunderdome Games, earning the status of a celebrity. Although he exhibited exceptional weapon skills, Brinkman’s self-centered playing style and negative demeanor resulted in the premature end of his career.

After retiring for several decades, Brinkman discovered that his son was attempting to join the Apex Games. In order to prevent his son from participating in the competition, Brinkman made the decision to return to the battlefield, assuming the identity of Ballistic. Now seeking redemption, the Refined Gunslinger may be in his later years, but he should never be underestimated under any circumstances.

Apex Legends Ballistic Abilities

To effectively master Ballistic, it’s crucial to understand his unique set of abilities that he wields against foes in the Outlands. Let’s take a closer look at each of Ballistic’s abilities:

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Passive: Sling

Ballistic’s passive ability is the Sling, a convenient weapon storage system that allows you to carry a third weapon. Accessed via the inventory, the weapon stored in the Sling cannot be equipped with attachments. This passive ability grants you the flexibility to switch between weapons swiftly, adapting to different combat scenarios on the fly.

Tactical: Whistler

Whistler, Ballistic’s tactical ability, unleashes a guided projectile that debuffs enemies. When the enemy fires their weapon, the Whistler causes their guns to heat up, eventually resulting in damage. By holding down the tactical button, you can lock onto a target, enhancing the accuracy and effectiveness of this ability. Timing your Whistler shots strategically can punish aggressive opponents, making them pay for their relentless gunplay.

Ultimate: Tempest

Tempest, Ballistic’s ultimate ability, provides a powerful buff to nearby teammates. When activated, Tempest grants faster reload speed, increased armed move speed, and infinite ammo to your squad. Additionally, Ballistic’s Sling weapon is equipped and upgraded to Gold, enhancing its performance and making it even deadlier in combat. Coordinating with your team to unleash Tempest can turn the tide of battle in your favor, overwhelming opponents with superior firepower.

Apex Legends Ballistic Playstyle

To maximize your potential as Ballistic, we’ve compiled some essential tips and tricks to help you refine your playstyle and gain an edge over your adversaries. Implement these strategies to dominate the Outlands:

Attachments with the Sling

When activating Ballistic’s ultimate ability, Tempest, any gun held in the Sling is equipped with gold attachments. To exploit this advantage, it’s wise to carry a weapon in your Sling that benefits greatly from specific hop-up attachments. For example, opting for the Havoc or Devotion with a Turbocharger, or the Wingman with a Skullpiercer, can significantly boost your weapon’s effectiveness. Even the Mozambique with Hammerpoint Rounds becomes a formidable threat. Leveraging these attachments, combined with faster reload times, will make you an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

Synergize with Revenant’s Ultimate

For a truly devastating combination, consider teaming up with a Revenant player. By synchronizing Revenant’s ultimate ability, Totem, with Ballistic’s Tempest, you gain increased mobility and reload speed, creating a deadly synergy. This partnership ensures that you and your squad can swiftly dispatch enemies while maintaining the ability to respawn and continue the fight. The Revenant-Ballistic duo is a formidable force, capable of wreaking havoc and securing victories.

Optimal Timing for Whistler

While it may be tempting to use Ballistic’s tactical ability, Whistler, as soon as it’s off cooldown, exercise patience and wait for the perfect moment. Often, aggressive opponents wielding SMGs will push aggressively, seeking to accumulate kills. By strategically holding your tactical until they are in close proximity and actively firing their weapon, you can punish their aggression with the Whistler’s extra damage. Since the ability automatically locks onto foes, you won’t risk missing your shots, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

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Apex Legends Ballistic Best Weapons

While weapon preference ultimately depends on personal playstyle, some firearms synergize exceptionally well with Ballistic’s kit. Capitalize on his ultimate ability by equipping the following weapons:

  • Wingman: A high-damage revolver that rewards precise aim and can decimate opponents with well-placed shots.
  • R99: An SMG known for its rapid fire rate and exceptional close-quarters combat performance.
  • CAR SMG: Offering a balanced mix of accuracy and damage, this SMG is versatile in various engagement scenarios.
  • EVA-8 Auto: A semi-automatic shotgun ideal for unleashing devastating bursts of close-range firepower.
  • Nemesis: A powerful energy weapon that excels at medium to long-range engagements.

To further enhance the value of Tempest’s gold attachments, consider the following weapons to store in your Sling:

  • Devotion: A high-powered energy LMG that can unleash a hail of bullets on enemies, decimating their defenses.
  • Havoc: Another formidable energy weapon that can be devastating in the hands of a skilled player, especially with a Turbocharger attachment.
  • Wingman: As mentioned earlier, the Wingman becomes an even deadlier sidearm with gold attachments.
  • Mozambique: With Hammerpoint Rounds, this shotgun-pistol hybrid becomes a formidable close-quarters weapon.
  • Rampage LMG: A powerful light machine gun that offers versatility and becomes instantly charged with energy.

By selecting these weapons, you can capitalize on Apex Legends Ballistic abilities and maximize your potential in the Outlands, consistently outgunning your opponents.


With this ultimate guide, you now know the knowledge and strategies needed to master Apex Legends Ballistic. By understanding his abilities, implementing effective tactics, and choosing the optimal weapons, you’ll have an edge over your opponents.

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