“This storyline is real”- Andrew Yang wants WWE wrestlers to contact attorney regarding independent contractor situation


Andrew Yang to legally fight WWE?

Former Presidential candidate and former Entrepreneur Andrew Young has made a call out of the current and former WWE wrestlers. That is to contact a attorney so they can fight for what the company owes them. Yang recently tweeted about the situation and said:

“Had a call with the Department of Labor. If you are a current or former @WWE performer who feels you were misclassified as an independent contractor contact @lkmiddleb and let’s get you what Vince owes you. Been a long time coming but this storyline is real.”

This was because he feels like WWE’s practice of signing the wrestlers as independent wrestlers and not full time employees were unjust and misleading. In the tweet he tagged a union attorney Lucas Middlebrook who can fight for the wrestlers.

Why is Andrew Yang against WWE?

Before the presidential elections in US last year Yang openly called out WWE because of the contract issues with wrestlers. Yang made strong remarks against the company’s policy of singing them as independent wrestlers but not allowing them to compete in other promotions. He made sure to make it known that if Biden comes in power he will definitely fight for justice.

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Vince and Andrew (SportsKeeda)

Yang also has problems with WWE for controlling the narrative and likeness of a personality and also not allowing them to engage on third party apps. WWE wrestlers are not allowed to perform under the names that the company has given them. This harms the popularity of the superstar when he/she decides to leave the company and perform somewhere else.

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Will Andrew Yang fix the WWE contract issues?(The Comic Book)

How long will this fight continue and will it finally give WWE stars what they deserve? What do you think?

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