An Introduction to Blockchain Gaming


What exactly are blockchain games and why are they gaining in popularity? Gaming has always been something that will garner interest and people from all walks of life enjoy it as a form of entertainment.

However, blockchain games now seem to be on everyone’s lips. Why? Well, they’re not just games that you play for fun and learning strategy – but they offer the chance for the player to earn money, too.

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An Introduction to Blockchain Gaming 2

All about blockchain games

Technology involving blockchain is almost always included in the back end of a game or as part of the mechanics of the game itself.

What this means is that any in-game assets you have are stored within your own blockchain wallet. These can then be traded for a profit. Blockchain games are gaining popularity amongst more youngsters these days – primarily because of the fact there are cash incentives on the gaming platforms.

They’re not just popular with younger gamers, though. People of all ages interested in this kind of tech are getting involved and here you can find out exactly how they work and if it’s possible to make any kind of profit from using them. So whether you’re interested in investing in the tech or simply want some ideas on to try – let’s take a look and see what’s what!

How do blockchain games work?

Think about it like this – blockchain games are pretty much like video games where you can get cryptocurrency tokens and NFTs while you’re playing. It’s becoming big business in the USA and other countries.

It’s as simple as that. Players earn tokens – but these can be regular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or even special tokens that are named after particular elements of the game being played. Players then have the option of selling, trading or exchanging these tokens for other assets, cash, or even other types of cryptocurrency.

These games work on a decentralized system – which means that anyone can have access to the gaming server and that all the records of the games played are available for other players to look at. It’s a great feature to be able to analyze stats for future gameplay.

It also reduces the chances of people trying to cheat the gaming system, too. Any assets that are owned by gamers get stored on the gaming system – and even if comes to pass that the player closes their account they’ll still be able to access all their digital assets.

Blockchain games can be educational

Some blockchain games provide an educational learning model, which is very useful. Some games have ‘learn and earn’ systems in which players get to play and also discover more about how blockchain works, with chances to earn after learning is completed. These are great if you’re interested in learning more about how cryptocurrency works and want to get into investing and trading. 

Is it possible to earn money from blockchain games?

So the next question to ask (and that many gamers want to know)is whether or not you can make money from blockchain gaming. The answer to this is that yes you can, but you’ve got to be prepared to invest some of your own money or crypto into the gaming process first – which might not always be possible.

You should always treat blockchain games, first and foremost as entertainment and fun, rather than something to make cash from – that should always come as a bonus rather than something that motivates you.

So there you go – that’s how blockchain gaming works and how it could be a bit of a moneyspinner for you if you’re that way inclined. Remember to always play games safely, and within your limits and to be responsible about the amount of time you’re spending online.

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