‘American Idol’: Katy Perry Could Get Fired For Bad Behavior?


‘American Idol’: Katy Perry: A recent story claims that Katy Perry wants to be fired from American Idol. They are taking their fans’ feedback into consideration in light of the vocal online backlash. Due to Katy’s actions, the majority of people have found it difficult to watch this season. Her “rude and condescending” remarks to the contenders were called out by insiders.

During the audition at the start of the season, Katy Perry embarrassed many of the contestants. Now that the show is filming its live episodes on the large stage, folks are not pleased with the way she is treating the competitors.

‘American Idol’: Katy Perry Could Get Fired For Bad Behavior?
‘American Idol’: Katy Perry Could Get Fired For Bad Behavior?

After Sara Beth Liebe called Katy out for mom-shaming, there was a backlash. The 25-year-old mother of three acknowledged how uncomfortable her audition was.

According to a source who spoke to RadarOnline.com, “Katy has faced criticism for her harsh comments in the past, and now fans are upset over the way she humiliated a singing duo.” “She insisted they perform before they had a chance to practice and then criticized their work in front of a national audience as ‘underwhelming’!

It amused Katy Perry to warn the performer that she had “been laying on the table too much.” She flopped down the table in a dramatic manner before rising and stumbling away. Luke Bryan, a fellow judge, and Lionel Richie both praised Sara Liebe. People watching didn’t enjoy Katy’s criticism of the contestant.

The protests against ‘American Idol’ Katy Perry, the singer of “Teenage Dream”

As a result, she has faced greater criticism this season. Some people even responded on the American Idol Instagram page. After this season, the majority of them want Katy Perry gone. They contend that she will undermine the female competitors while elevating the male vocalists.

Producers of American Idol have taken note of the criticism. She may be fired after this season, they’re thinking.

Being the highest-paid judge on the panel, Katy Perry’s dismissal would result in significant financial savings for the program. According to a source, “producers are so alarmed by Katy’s behavior that they’re considering replacing her to keep the audience happy,” according to Radar Online.

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