Alexa Bliss predicts she will be the new Raw Champion after Extreme Rules


WWE star Alexa Bliss is confident of becoming the Raw Champion by defeating Charlotte Flair at Extreme Rules

Alexa Bliss will square off against the current WWE Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair at Extreme Rules. However, she seems pretty confident of becoming the new Champion at the pay-per-view event.

Bliss recently shared in her Twitter account about winning the Championship title at the Extreme Rules. She wrote that Raw is ready for New Champion.

“I think RAW is ready for a NEW KIND of Champion “#EmbraceWhatsDifferent #Unique #BeDifferent

Charlotte is a 15-time WWE Champion, having won the Raw Women’s Champion 5-times in the past and is in a long reign, whereas Bliss was the first woman to hold both Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion. It will be great to see who comes out on top at WWE Extreme pay-per-view event.

The Harley Quinn of WWE gave a gift doll to Charlotte this week on RAW

In the recent episode of Monday Night Raw, a bizarre incident happened as Alexa Bliss gifted a Doll to Charlotte. This Doll was also listed on the WWE shop after the episode. 

Alexa Bliss Charlotte
Alexa Bliss gifting the Doll to Charlotte Flair mentioned in their Twitter account about the Doll and also named it “CHARLY.” 

Say Hello to CHARLY!

The Doll resembles The Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte as it is wearing the title. It looks pretty scary and weird. Bliss has quite the same kind of Doll with her name “Lilly.”

Bliss is named The Harley Quinn of WWE has been playing these mental games against Flair before their match at WWE Extreme Rules.

Alexa will be looking forward to her 4th WWE Raw Women’s Championship against Flair. 

Alexa Bliss Lilly
The Harley Quinn of WWE

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