What does Abadon look like without makeup? Abadon is an indie wrestler who was signed by All Elite Wrestling in March 2020.

Wrestling has had quite a few stars with the most unusual ring-look characters like Doink the Clown and Boogeyman for WWE, Vampiro for WCW, and the same goes with Abadon for AEW.

These superstars look entirely different in real life, especially in the situation of Abadon. Many fans have asked what does Abadon look like without makeup and here is the answer.

You can check AEW star Abadon’s shocking reel life look here.

What does Abadon look like without makeup?

Abadon made an excellent impression among the fans in her first outing with her zombie-like character from the Living Dead franchise. However, she lost her first match against Hikaru Shida on AEW Dark.

AEW Star Abadon
Credits: Instagram

Even before her debut, she gained much attention on social media with her very different and creepy makeup. Unfortunately, Abadon was scouted while AEW was in Denver. She comes from the RMP Wrestling company.

Abadon performs under the ring name of “The Living Dead Girl.” She is a two-time Rocky Mountain Pro Lockettes Champion. Because of her character, she got the name of Abadon, which comes from the Hebrew word “Abandon,” which means a bottomless pit of destruction. Her character has seen a lot of interest from fans asking ‘what does Abadon look like without makeup?’

What does Abadon look like without makeup?
What does Abadon look like without makeup? (Abadon Instagram)

She had her AEW Dynamite Debut on June 17, 2020, where she defeated Anna Jay and signed a full-time contract with AEW just after that. Abadon would then go on a winning streak on AEW Dark but unfortunately got injured in a match against Tay Conti. She was rushed to the local hospital. This throat injury took her out of action for a long time.

Abadon made a strong comeback and confronted Hikaru Shida, which caused Shida to relapse in fear. Shida was the-AEW Women’s World Champion. 

AEW superstar Kenny Omega while talking to comicbook.com, was asked about the signing of Abadon and what she would bring to the table. 

Kenny said that whenever he sees a character like Abadon who loves talking horror movies, they are the ones who are ready to commit 100% of themselves to their on-screen character makes it unique for people apart from her wrestling. Omega mentioned that these superstars are like a diamond in the rough, and he wants to nurture stars like this. Lastly, he noted that Abadon ticks a lot of boxes, and her development will be exciting.

“When I see a character like Abadon, for someone again who love and talking horror movies, and I see someone who’s committed themselves 100% to a character that appeals to people that are interesting, aside from wrestling. I know that that’s like a real diamond in the rough and something that I want to see develop something that I want to nurture. And I think that for people out there that want to be entertained through things aside from just wrestling, Abadon checks a lot of real cool boxes and I’m super excited to see her development.”

The former world champion had all the praise for her due to the amount of work she has put in to build that kind of persona. He said that the commitment behind the performance has been tremendous, and it is not everyone’s cup of tea to create something like this.

Interestingly Abadon, without her creepy makeup, looks completely different and stunning in real life. Her Instagram handle shows that how amazing she looks without the character makeup. 

What does Abadon look like without makeup? Here is Abadon without her character makeup (Reddit)

Abadon is a promising talent, and the only path for her is moving forward as these kinds of characters are unique, and they don’t just come like that. These are some of the rarest breeds of characters that she has pulled off as a wrestler. She can become one of the best female wrestlers in the near future for AEW.

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