AEW Rampage defeats WWE SmackDown in key demo rating


Take a look at the AEW and WWE rating from last Friday night

The ratings for the WWE Supersized SmackDown and AEW Rampage from last week’s Friday night have been revealed. Much to the liking of AEW, they have managed to beat the main WWE shown in a key demographic’s rating.

AEW beat WWE in key demo(411Mania)

As per PWTorch, SmackDown drew 866,000 viewers in total with 314,000 of them being from the 18-49 demo, giving them a rating of 0.24. On the other hand, AEW Rampage drew 578,000 viewers in total with 313,00 of them being from the 18-49 demo, also giving them the rating of 0.24.

AEW Rampage tied with SmackDown in the demo of 18-49 and in 19-34 with a rating of 0.24 and 0.20 respectively. Moreover, they managed to beat SmackDown in the rating of 18-49 male demo in which SmackDown had a rating of 0.32 and Rampage had a rating off 0.34.

On top of that, AEW beat SmackDown head to head in the 30-minute overlap which saw AEW draw 328,000 viewers while WWE drew only 285,000 viewers from the 18-49 demo.

Brock Lesnar is sporting a ponytail hairstyle these days
Brock Lesnar was a part of last week’s SmackDown (WWE)

Is Tony Khan’s wish of beating SmackDown finally complete?

Ever since WWE announced that they were going to overlap AEW’s Rampage with their extend SmackDown called “Supersize”. The president of AEW Tony Khan had been fuming. Khan believed that it was an attempt to overshadow their show and did not hold back while talking about it.

Tony Khan
Tony Khan (wrestling Inc)

He openly claimed that he cannot wait to beat WWE’s main show come Friday night. Now that the ratings are out Khan must be pleased to have gotten the better of WWE in a key demo. However, overall ratings of WWE are still better and AEW has a long road ahead of them before they surpass WWE.

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