Renee Young could not deal with Jon Moxley being destroyed at AEW Full Gear


Jon Moxley faced off against Eddie Kingston in an “I quit” match at AEW Full Gear and Renee Young couldn’t bear watching her husband get destroyed

Renee Young has had her fair share of problems with husband Jon Moxley taking on gruesome battles.

The former WWE Champion has been AEW Champion for a while but most of his battles have had gruesome ends.

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Jon Moxley won the title from Chris Jericho at Revolution 2020 (Credit: AEW)

Unlike WWE, AEW doesn’t want to tone down the violence and Moxley has been busted up several times. That was the case against at Eddie Kingston at 2020 Full Gear too. Moxley and Kingston met in an “I quit” match and it was a brutal affair.

Barbed-wire, weapons and thumb-tacks were all used in the match with Moxley being beat up a lot. The champion was also thrown onto the thumbtacks and Young did not enjoy the match at all.

She was tweeting regularly as the match went on and her first reaction wasn’t all that great:

The wife of Moxley didn’t enjoy the tacks in the head and wanted to quit the match herself:

Young then added that she was ordering a first-aid kid since Moxley would need it.

Moxley is one of the best in the world and AEW is seeing a star in his prime. Some matches might be gruesome but a real fight would have led to more injuries than what happens in the ring.

Moxley has his next rival ready

While Young couldn’t stomach some of the spots in this clash, Moxley has another big rival for his title.

Kenny Omega defeated his former tag partner Adam Page to become the new No.1 contender. Omega is one of the best in the world and a clash against Moxley could be the match of the year.

It will be interesting to see how that goes but it could be another bloody affair. Omega vs Moxley is a mouth-watering clash but Young might not enjoy all that goes in it.

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