Orange Cassidy didn’t expect much from his weird gimmick


Orange Cassidy opens up on his AEW gimmick

AEW star Orange Cassidy certainly plays one of the weirdest yet entertaining gimmicks ever played. His character his widely popular amongst the fans as they love to see his laid back character. Recently Cassidy opened up on how he never had any expectations while starting with gimmick.

Orange Cassidy faces Chris Jericho at AEW Fyter Fest 2020
Orange Cassidy (FITE)

Cassidy was recently interviewed by Lehigh Valley Live and was asked about his persona, to which he said:

“I never expected anything. I just did what I felt was the thing to do. If they liked it, they liked it; if they didn’t, they didn’t”

Orange Cassidy
Orange Cassidy (The Sports Rush)

The AEW star talks about how he never worried about how the people were going to react to this gimmick. Thankfully for Cassidy, the crowed loves his gimmick and he has grown in to one of the fan favorites from in the company because of his character.

Did Orange Cassidy receive any hate towards his gimmick?

While most of the people are in awe of his gimmick in AEW, not everyone falls under the same page. Certain people are not fans of his laid back-hands in the pocket and extremely casual gimmick. Cassidy was asked about how he approaches dealing with the people who criticize his work. To which he said:

“I don’t read it. Problem solved. Doing what I want to do and wrestling the way I want to wrestle, it was tough. Every single time I would step foot in a wrestling ring, someone would audibly say in the crowd, ‘What is happening?’ That happened a lot.”

orange cassidy aew 1
Orange Cassidy is one of the most loved AEW characters (The Sports Rush)

Cassidy talks about how people are sometimes critical of his style of wrestling. However, he does not let it get to him. The AEW star is focused on doing what he likes and it works with the majority of the crowd who love his gimmick.

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