“Next Thursday”-Mia Yim gives an update about her Wrestling return


Former WWE Superstar Mia Yim gives an update about when she will be returning to the ring

Since the time Keith Lee has made his return to Wrestling in AEW after his release from WWE. There has been a lot of speculation about when his wife Mia Yim will be making her return.

Io Shirai
Mia Yim has made a good impact on SmackDown after her move from NXT

Recently a wrestling fan asked Yim about when she will be making her return to wrestling, to which she replied, “Next Thursday.”

Next Thursday.

Keith Lee also gave an update regarding Mia Kim’s return to wrestling

Former WWE Superstar Keith lee recently married Mia Yim in an intimate wedding ceremony. He recently Lee caught up with The Post’s Joseph Staszewski (h/t Skit) and was asked a few questions about his debut at AEW and about Mia Yim returning to wrestling and asked if he would want Yim to come in AEW.

Keith Lee
Keith Lee marries Mia Yim on February 5th (Twitter)

Lee noted that Yim definitely wants to return to wrestling, and she definitely will.

“I know that she’s generating a return to wrestling. She’s just having her time with whole residence things (go) and all that stuff heading on. She’s been manning the dwelling fortunately while I’ve been holding active. I really don’t know exactly where she definitely, genuinely needs to be. I do not know all the sites that want her and will serve what she’s seeking for. I know that she will. I know that she’ll want to for quite some time.”

It will be interesting to see if Yim makes her return at the AEW. Fans are eagerly waiting for her return.

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