“He sucks” – MJF’s mother takes a dig at the AEW Superstar


Nina Freidman takes a dig at AEW Superstar MJF on the occasion of Mother’s Day

MJF is definitely not winning the Son of the Year award, as his mother, Nina, recently took to Twitter. She said that she probably won’t be receiving any Mother’s Day wishes from her Son as he will eventually forget. 

MJF’s parents (Twitter)

There have been a few instances that MJF’s parents have made appearances at AEW shows to share their disappointment with their Son. In addition, the Friedmans have often worn the shirts reading “I Hate MJF”, resulting in fans uniting with them. 

Nina also confirmed that she and her husband will be attending next week’s AEW Dynamite in Long Beach, New York.

Who’s coming to UBS May 11th to wish me a Happy Mothers Day, since my idiot Son will more than likely forget!

MJF will clash with Wardlow’s challenge next week after finally answering him. With his parents by his side, Wardlow’s challenger could be facing a tougher opponent in MJF.

AEW Superstar MJF believes that he could go toe to toe with Roddy Piper 

He recently appeared at The Love of Wrestling convention, where Friedman spoke about his reverence for Roddy Piper. The star also feels that the two can be put on a legendary match up.

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MJF at AEW Dynamite

“Was the man absolutely insane? And do I think we would have a barbaric match that would stand the test of time? Yes! I had a lot of people tell me I remind them of Rowdy, and I think that would be one hell of a match. So, that is my answer.” (H/T: Wrestling Inc.)

A fan also asked MJF, his biggest influence, to be the biggest a**hole in the wrestling industry. He replied that Roddy Piper is really high on the list.

I think I’m a great person and a model citizen but as far as influences go as a student of the game I have many. Roddy Piper is high on that list.

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