MJF won the Diamond Ring match for the second year in a row

The 24-year-old wrestler, MJF, won the Dynamite Diamond Ring last year by defeating Hangman Page and took on Orange Cassidy in the Diamond Ring match this year after reaching the finals again.

MJF has been doing well for himself in AEW in the past few months. He beat the legendary Chris Jericho after narrowly missing out on the AEW World Championship.

He now took on Orange Cassidy to defeat his prized possession, with the Inner Circle by his side.

Cassidy started the fight in great fashion and was just getting into his stride as he delivered several Orange Punches to MJF.

Orange Cassidy lost the Diamond Ring match this year to MJF. (AEW)
Orange Cassidy lost the Diamond Ring match this year to MJF. (AEW)

The match was decided a big brawl broke out at ringside between the Inner Circle and several AEW fighters.

Miro arrived in the ring and took out Cassidy. MJF was quick to take advantage of this and scored a pinfall over Cassidy.

No chill: MJF brutally trolls a young Orange Cassidy fan

Defending his Diamond Ring by dubious means did not stop MJF from gloating.

MJF is one of the top heels on AEW. (AEW)
MJF is one of the top heels on AEW. (AEW)

He found enough time after his victory to go on social media and hand Orange Cassidy fans even more misery.

Even a young kid crying because her favorite wrestler lost was not to be spared by the Diamond Ring winner, as he proceeded to troll her by laughing at her tears.

The manner in which MJF won the Diamond Ring has led many to raise the debate if Cassidy deserves another shot at it or not; but till then, the ring is MJF’s to wear for another year.

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