Mick Foley full of praise for CM Punk’s Jon Moxley message on Dynamite


WWE Hall of Famer praises CM Punk over his message for Jon Moxley on Dynamite  

Jon Moxley is undergoing alcohol rehab, and his decision has been praised all over the wrestling world by fans and other stars. But he is not the only one who has received praise. 

Mick Foley is a legend in WWE
Mick Foley is a hardcore legend (WWE)

On an episode of Dynamite, CM Punk talked about Moxley’s checking into Alcohol treatment received quite well by fans. WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley was quite impressed by Punk’s words and took to Twitter and shared a few words about Punk. He even said that he got legit goosebumps. 

“Important message from @CMPunk about reaching out for help when you need it. Legit goosebumps.”

CM Punk has a message for all after Jon Moxley undergoing alcohol rehab

Last night on AEW Dynamite, CM Punk shared about Jon Moxley and gave a strong message regarding his alcohol treatment. 

Punk was quoted saying that “There two people who aren’t here today, and one has a very legitimate reason as to why he is not here, his name is Jon Moxley. (Crowd Chants Moxley’s name). 

Punk then mentioned how important it is to talk to people when you are facing this kind of problem. You should get that help and reach out.

“If you are in a place where you think you need help, Get it!! Ask for it, reach out, text somebody, call somebody. There is nothing harder than you can do in the world, but there is nothing more courageous as well. There is nothing wrong in asking for help.”

Moxley was immensely praised by all the wrestling fans worldwide, and his wife is his main standing point of support. I hope he makes a strong comeback in life as well as in AEW.

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