Mark Henry expects Sting to form huge AEW stable with three big names


WWE icon Mark Henry expects Sting to form an AEW stable with big names

Speaking on the latest episode of the Busted Open Podcast, former WWE wrestler Mark Henry said that he expects Sting to form a stable in AEW with two more wrestlers apart from him and Darby Allin.

Mark Henry is a future Hall of Famer
Mark Henry is a WWE Hall of Famer (WWE)

Earlier this month, Sting shocked the wrestling world by making a sensational entrance at AEW: Winter is Coming. Since then, fans have wondered what the future holds for Sting.

Everyone has speculated and put out their theories on how AEW will use the 61-year-old superstar, as he has not made any significant progress on the promotion so far.

Sting shocked the world with his AEW debut and may now make a stable, according to mark henry
Sting shocked the world by making his AEW debut at Winter is Coming. (AEW)

And now, Mark Henry has provided the closest answer as to what the future holds for Sting. ‘The Strongest Man in the World’ speculates that an alliance is brewing at AEW with Sting at the helm.

Mark Henry thinks “two more guys” will join Sting and Allin in a stable on AEW

Ever since Darby Allin helped Sting stave off Taz’s goons on the 23rd December episode of AEW, fans have wondered what the relationship is between those two.

Mark Henry thinks that Sting and Darby Allin are in line to form a stable on AEW. In addition, he thinks there will be two other fighters who join them.

“I think by the end of it there’s going to be two more guys standing next to Darby Allin that everybody’s going to love.”

Cody Rhodes can be one of the guys that Sting has n his AEW stable alongside Darby Allin
Cody Rhodes is the current TNT champion. (AEW)

Speaking further, Henry added that one out of the two wrestlers is going to be Cody Rhodes. He based his theory on the fact that Sting came out and heaped praise on Dusty Rhodes, and this is why Dusty’s son Cody will join ‘The Vigilante’.

“Everybody knows one of them is going to be Cody Rhodes.”

If Mark Henry is right then it can be a great progression for Sting on AEW. The former WWE superstar is a jackpot signing by the promotion and they must be careful of how they use him.

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