Malakai Black opens up on Daniel Bryan and CM Punk possibly joining AEW


Former WWE Superstars Daniel Bryan and CM Punk are expected to join AEW soon

Malakai Black addressed the possibility of Daniel Bryan and CM Punk joining AEW. The former WWE Superstar has settled down nicely at AEW, after being released out of nowhere by the WWE.

A month after his WWE release on the 2nd of June, 2021, Malakai Black made his debut in AEW on the 7th of July.

A week ago, he made his in-ring debut and beat Cody Rhodes to start his AEW career with a bang.

Malakai Black Cody Rhodes
Malakai Black pinning Cody Rhodes

Black is not the only WWE star who has joined the AEW. In fact, a lot of superstars have, with plenty next in line as well.

Two of the most notable members who are expected to join AEW are CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

In the latest episode of Pro Wrestling 4 Life podcast, Black addressed the possibility of these two former WWE Stars joining AEW.

Black stated that he didn’t know if the speculations were true, but didn’t deny a buzz in the locker room.

He said:

“Number one, I genuinely do not know if it’s true. I genuinely don’t. I haven’t heard anyone mention it. Obviously, there’s a buzz in the locker room. I think it’d be great, I think it really proves that the times have changed, I think it’d be a validation of how different everything is and how different the business is now. I don’t play the ‘us vs. them’ cards, I just don’t, I want everybody to be successful.” [via Wrestling Inc]

It is worth noting that Pro Wrestling 4 Life is a podcast hosted by former WWE Superstar X-Pac.

Malakai Black shares his thoughts on CM Punk and Daniel Bryan joining AEW

CM Punk hasn’t professionally wrestled since 2014. Speaking about his arrival to the promotion, Black said that his presence would be great for everyone in the promotion.

“If someone like CM Punk goes over to AEW, that’s great for business. That’s good for all of us because it gives the fans something to work with.” [via Wrestling Inc]

CM Punk
CM Punk held the WWE title for a record 434 days

Speaking about Daniel Bryan, who was recently released by the promotion, Black said:

“I can see someone like Daniel pulling the trigger on that because he’s someone who has a great love for wrestling, and always wants to try different things and always has a different perspective on stuff.” [via Wrestling Inc]

Daniel Bryan is now banished from SmackDown
Daniel Bryan in action against Roman Reigns (WWE)

With the WWE being hapless with their roster cuts, more and more superstars are joining the AEW.

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