Jon Huber family announces creation of legacy foundation


Jon Huber Legacy foundation to honor the legacy of the late wrestler

The friends and family of Jon Huber aka Brodie Lee have just announced the creation of a non-profit. Which will aim to provide support to people in creative fields. This news was broke out by AEW, the company hosted it’s first show in Huber’s hometown Rochester, NY.

The announcement was made just before the event kicked off to honor the legacy of Jon Huber at his hometown.

What is the aim of the foundation?

As stated in the official release, the foundation will look to provide support to people who have not been able to take the next step because of their family obligations in the creative field. As revealed by his wife Amanda Huber:

“Jon almost gave up on his dream of wrestling because of his family but he got the call to move up to WWE while we were in the hospital with our first child. I can’t think of a better way of honoring his commitment to family and his career. Than to help other people who are facing the same dilemma”

Brodie Lee was signed by AEW after being released by WWE
Brodie Lee (Twitter)

The foundation will help out the people who are obligated by their families and can’t progress in the creative fields because of it. Wrestlers have very difficult lives as before they are well and truly settled in the wrestling business there is no financial security. This is what stops many aspiring wrestlers in the early stages.

Huber himself was about to leave his dreams of pro wrestling behind but WWE came calling at the right time. The foundation has been created with the help of AEW and Huber’s friends and family. The foundation will select a bunch of people in early 2022 who might need help with connections, resources, etc.

Brodie Lee is the new AEW TNT champion
Brodie Lee joined AEW from WWE (AEW)

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